Office of Disability Services

Mission and Philosophy

photo of two students in an auditorium

Our Mission

The primary mission of the Office of Disability Services is to provide leadership and facilitate equal access to all institutional opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and guests with disabilities.

To accomplish its mission, ODS must perform three objectives:

  1. Provide individual services and facilitate accommodations to students with disabilities;
  2. Provide institution-wide advisement, consultation, and training on disability- related topics, including legal and regulatory compliance, universal design, and disability scholarship; and
  3. Collaborate with partners to identify and remove barriers to foster an all-inclusive campus.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a student's college education is an opportunity to develop academically, vocationally, and personally. Disability Services is available as one of many resources on that journey; we strive to teach students skills that will assist them as they transition into the professional world. Our focus on independence is the reason that we are ranked as a national leader in accommodating students with disabilities.