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Office of Disability Services

Faculty Portal in AIM

What is AIM?

Accessible Information Management (AIM) is an online accommodation management portal used by Disability Services to help students independently coordinate their accommodations. The system protects confidential information about the students, and allows more transparency and streamlined communication among students, instructors and ODS staff.

Access AIM Faculty Portal

Use your WSU credentials to access our secure portal.

Accommodation Letters

When students request accommodations, faculty will be sent a letter via WSU email, but by logging into the portal, you can see a list of all ODS students across all courses and sections you teach. 


AIM Faculty Tutorial

Faculty AIM Portal Training Slides (PDF)


Should you have questions about using the Faculty Portal, please contact Angie Masten.

On Hold

At this time, the ODS Test Proctoring Center is operating virtually and we are not proctoring students in person. Once we return to in-person proctoring we will add instructions on how AIM can help you in maninging tests proctored in ODS.