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Autism Spectrum Support

Our Fall 2022 cohort is full.

Please email Heather Rando about our Fall 2023 cohort.  

Raiders on the Autism Spectrum Excelling (RASE) Transition Coach Program

Our Program

The transition coaches are experienced undergraduate or graduate students who are available as a resource for students on the Autism Spectrum. Employees of ODS, coaches set their schedules to accommodate their students’ specific needs. Coaches work with students on transition competency areas to develop the structure and framework necessary to be successful in college. The coach’s focus can include assisting the student with learning self-advocacy skills, accessing campus resources and services, and problem-solving.

Eligibility Criteria

Each student's needs are assessed based on the program eligibility criteria. Students meeting the following will be considered for the RASE program:

  1. Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  2. Registered with the Office of Disability Services.
  3. Identified needs in one or more of the RASE key competency areas: Self Advocacy, Social Skills, Resiliency, Study & Organization, and Technology.


Students in this fee-based, elective program are assigned a transition coach to work with them, one-on-one, for up to 5 hours per week. The RASE program cost is $750 per semester for year one. Students are typically enrolled in the RASE program for their first two semesters (Fall and Spring). Enrollment beyond the initial two semesters (at the discretion of the RASE coordinator), is $300 per semester for up to 2 coaching hours per week.

Apply Early

To apply for the RASE Transition Coach Program, please contact the RASE coordinator, Heather Rando to schedule a RASE consult.

Testimonials/Success Stories