IT Security Resources from CaTS

photo of a student using a laptopThe goal of the Wright State University IT Security website is to provide information for protecting the University's computing and information resources/data by complying with information-related laws, regulations, policies, and security best practices. We are also concerned with the health of your computer and the protection of your sensitive information.

For your personal protection against malicious internet activity, we encourage you to review the information on this site, specifically the section entitled Do IT Wright, accessible from the menu on the right. You are the only one who can protect your finances, identity, and personal data.

Theft of personal data can occur both at home and at the university workplace, since employees of the university work daily with protected or personal information. If two pieces of information can be put together to provide access to obtain personal documents, security measures must be in place to protect that information. Paying close attention to the information on this website can provide you with valuable insight on how to protect both your information and the University's sensitive data.

The CaTS Help Desk is here to help. If you have questions or concerns about information technology security, please see the Contact Us page.

Security Updates

Important Email Fraud Information

Friday, July 8, 2016
Email malware and phishing scams have increased over the past week and are targeting all Wright State members.

Verifying Your Connection to the Wright State Domain

Friday, April 22, 2016
Verify your workstation is connected to the Wright State domain by following the directions below.

Enhancements to University's Email Spam Service

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Beginning Thursday, April 21, CaTS will be using Proofpoint's Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) service to help protect against specific threats that are distributed via email, including phishing and targeted attacks.