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2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

View the full results of the CaTS 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey, and read about the common themes we identified from this year's feedback.

Wright State Community Member,

I want to thank everyone who participated in the CaTS 2017 Satisfaction Survey conducted in the Spring Semester. We are continuously looking for ways to improve our services, and your feedback is crucial in helping us set our goals for the future. 

You can view the full results of the survey here:

Survey Statistics

  • Surveys Completed: 897
  • Overall Customer Satisfaction among faculty and staff rose from 91% (2016) to 95% (2017)
  • Overall Customer Satisfaction rose from 84% (2016) to 85% (2017)
  • Customer Satisfaction among students fell from 74.69% (2016) to 63.38% (2017)

Survey Themes

This year we identified five themes when reviewing the comments and requests given in the survey responses:

  1. Theme: Create a 'No Talking' Lab
    Action Taken: 003 University Hall has been converted into a completely silent computer lab containing four workstations, two of which are in individual offices. This lab is open 24/7, but requires using your Wright1 Card to swipe in. 
  2. Theme: Shorten the Help Desk Phone Prompt
    Action Taken: The Help Desk has reduced the initial phone prompt length from 45 seconds down to 6 seconds. The reduction in time allows callers who are contacting the Help Desk to speak to a live technician more quickly without having to wait through an automated message. Callers no longer need to select a number for a specific service, as all calls connect directly to a Help Desk analyst.
  3. Theme: Improve Wireless Connectivity for Students
    Action Taken: In the coming weeks, CaTS will be sending a survey to all Wright State students. This survey will focus on wireless connectivity in academic buildings and residence halls on campus. This feedback will help us identify the potential areas for improvement. 
  4. Theme: Offer More Technical Training for Faculty and Staff
    Action Taken: The Technical Training team has started developing several new training sessions. These sessions include: Qualtrics, Banner 9 Admin General Navigation, Getting Started with Excel, and Getting Started with Adobe Acrobat. Training will be offered beginning in the fourth quarter of 2017. To view a list of workshops currently available, visit our IT Workshops website. For additional training requests, including one-on-one sessions, email
  5. Theme: Improve Apple Support for Faculty and Staff
    Action Taken: In the last 12 months, several technical support staff in CaTS were trained and became certified Apple Support Specialists. CaTS has also implemented Casper, a product that allows for self-service software downloads for university-owned Apple devices. For more information on Casper, visit

Thank you again for your feedback on this year's survey.

Craig Woolley
Chief Information Officer