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Panopto Tutorials

Please explore the following documentation and video tutorials to learn how to use Panopto, Wright State University's academic media management system.

Walkthrough Tutorials for Remote Teaching with Panopto (Video Lectures)

Panopto can be used in a multitude of ways to create and share videos with your students. We have assembled several step-by-step guides to walk you through each process, based on your recording needs and equipment access.

General Tutorials

Advanced Panopto features

Student Tutorial Documents


Unable to insert a video using Insert Stuff

If the resolution on your computer monitor or device is small, you may not see the green Insert button when trying to embed a Panopto video using the Insert Stuff tool.  This issue is known and is actively being addressed.  If you select the video to embed and the green "Insert" button is missing (as seen in the image below), you can simply resize the Insert Stuff window by dragging the bottom right corner.

Resize Insert Stuff window

Expanding the window any amount will fix the error and properly display the green "Insert" button (as seen in the image below).


Students unable to upload video assignments because the green "Create" button is missing

By default, Panopto only allows faculty to upload videos to their course for streaming in Pilot.  If you assign video projects to students and would like them to upload to Panopto, you may create an Assignment Folder.  To do so, launch Panopto in Pilot and click the gear icon to display the course Folder Settings (as seen in the image below).

Folder Settings icon

From the Folder Settings Overview, you can click the "Create Assignment Folder" link to create a folder where students can submit videos (as seen in the image below).

Create an Assignment Folder

By default, the Assignment Folder privacy settings allow the faculty member to see all submitted videos and the student to only see his or her uploaded video.  For example, if your class has 20 students, the instructor will see 20 videos in the folder, but the individual student will see his or her one video submission only.  These settings can be changed in the Folder Settings of the Assignment Folder if you would like for students to see video submissions from the entire class.

There can only be one Assignment Folder within a Panopto folder.  If you wanted multiple Assignment Folders (e.g., Week 1 Assignment Folder, Week 2 Assignment Folder, etc.), this can be done by creating general sub-folders (e.g., Week 1 folder, Week 2 folder, etc.) and creating an Assignment Folder within each of those general sub-folders.

Student tries to play video, but the video frame loads the Pilot homepage (Safari security setting)

If a student tries to play a Panopto video in Pilot and the video frame displays the Pilot homepage instead of the video, the student probably has a Safari security feature enabled. Switching to Chrome or Firefox should work for all videos in Pilot, but the Safari security setting can also be disabled easily.

Click "Safari" from the top menu bar and choose "Preferences" from the dropdown submenu (step 1). In the Preferences menu, select the "Privacy" tab (step 2), and un-check "Prevent cross-site tracking" (step 3).  You may need to close it and refresh the browser, but the videos should visible with the updated Safari setting.