Do I have to register my software?

Most Microsoft products require that they be registered with Microsoft. If you fail to register the software they will be disabled after 50 launches or 30 days. By default, registration is handled via the web, but if you do not have an Internet connection, you can register via an 800 phone number. In most cases, a registration wizard will pop up when you launch the program, or is available in a menu. Registration information is also included with the installation guide provided with your CD Kit. To reach Microsoft registration by phone, you can call 888.652.2342 (Office products) or 888.571.2048 (Windows.)

Why won't my Adobe coupon code work?

If you receive the error message, "The coupon code you enters is in an invalid stage for online redemption" please contact Adobe Customer Support at with your name, the name of the Adobe product you purchased, your operating system (Mac or Windows) the coupon code and the name of our university. Any product activation issues can be handled by Adobe's customer service via email or by reading the Help section of the website.

Why isn't Project available any more?

Microsoft Project was dropped from the store due to lack of demand.

Can I return software for a refund or exchange?

All sales are final. Because each package contains a unique product installation code, it can not be returned or exchanged. Please make sure you understand which product you are purchasing and what the system requirements are. For questions, contact the CaTS Help Desk

Product activation key does not work, what do I do?

When installing any Microsoft product, you must enter the product key printed on the yellow sticker on the back of the first CD sleeve. Carefully type in the numbers and letters exactly as they appear on the product key sticker.

In some cases, if you have an existing version of Office or Works on the system and you install Office from the home use media, the product key registration may fail. Try doing a complete uninstall of Office, Works or other Microsoft trial software. Next, restart the computer and then begin the installation process again.

If your CD drive is not set to auto-run setup programs and you launched the installer by browsing the CD, make sure you are running the correct Setup application. The Office CD has several setup programs on the CD, but only one will fully install Office and accept the product key printed on the yellow sticker.

How can I pay for the software?

The Home Software Store accepts credit cards and bank check routing information. Cash and Wright One Card sales are not available.

What are the shipping charges for mail order?

If you choose to have the software shipped to your home address there is a $5 per product shipping charge. Mail orders are processed within 5 business days and sent via standard US Postal services.

How many copies can I purchase and install?

Software is licensed for a single computer and only one copy of each product can be purchased. The Microsoft product installation key only permits installation on a single computer. This rule has been established by Microsoft; the university is not permitted to sell you more than one copy, even if you own multiple computers.

What is Employee Work-at-Home licensing?

University faculty and staff can take advantage of Microsoft Work-at-Home rights for several products. This software is free, but can only be used for work-related activities, no personal-use of the software is permitted by Microsoft. The software must also be removed from the computer if the person retires or leaves the employment of the university.

When do students become eligible to buy software?

All students enrolled for the current quarter can receive software from the home software licensing programs. Incoming first-year students become eligible once they have enrolled in classes for fall quarter. Students that were enrolled for Spring quarter but that are not taking summer classes can only purchase software if they are registered for fall quarter.

What if I don't go to main campus?

There is now a mail order option for students outside of main campus. You can have the software mailed to your home for a small shipping & handling fee. There is also an option for free delivery to the Lake Campus business office for Celina-area students and employees. See the online store for more details.

What are the eligibility requirements for employees?

To receive software, faculty and staff must be directly employed by the university and listed in the human resources database. Only current employees are eligible - retirees, emeritus faculty and former employees are not eligible for the program. Third-party contractors, volunteers and others not directly employed by the university do not meet the employment requirement. These are rules set down in the license agreements with software manufactures and can not be waived.

Products are missing from the store, where are they?

If products are out of stock, they are not listed on the store order form. The full list of products is listed on the Software Store information website. Also, you are limited to the purchase of any given product, so once you have ordered a copy it is removed from your list of available products. When you open the order form you will see a list of the products you have purchased in the past at the bottom of the page.