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Student Concern Committee


What is the Student Concern Committee (SCC)?

A multi-disciplinary team at Wright State that meets weekly to address concerns about student in crisis or students experiencing some manner of difficulty and connect them to resources as appropriate.

Who serves on SCC?

The committee is composed of representatives from Academic Advising, Athletics, Counseling and Wellness Services, Community Standards and Student Conduct, Disability Services, Equity and Inclusion, the Health Center, LGBTQ Services, the Office of the Provost, RaiderConnect, Residence Life and Housing, Student Support Services, Veterans and Military Center, the Vice President for Student Affairs office, and Wright State University Police. Other offices are consulted or included in meetings as the need arises.

How can I contact a member of SCC?

Chris Taylor, Chair of Student Concerns Committee & Director Community Standards and Student Conduct   

937-775-4240  chris.taylor@wright.edu


Who should be referred to SCC?

Students, faculty, staff, and any member of the university community who interacts with students are in active positions to observe students whose behaviors may demonstrate distress affecting their overall well-being. For any concerns regarding a student, file a report with the SCC providing information from your interactions. 

When is it appropriate to make a referral to SCC?

Signs of potential threat of harm to self or others:

  • Signs of substance abuse
  • Belief in violence as an appropriate way to manage problems
  • Signs of social withdrawal
  • Demonstrating signs of high levels of anxiety/stress
  • History with mental health issues

What Can You Do?

  • If behavior includes any signs of threat, call the Wright State University Police Department at 937-775-2111
  • File report with SCC 
  • Address student behavior and provide support and available resources
  • If any potential behavioral violations occur, contact Wright State Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct at 937-775-4240

Signs of Academic Distress:

  • Sudden decline in student’s academic work (e.g., failing to turn in assignments, lower grades on exams/quizzes)
  • Decreased attendance
  • Refusal to respond to professors during frequent attempts at communication

What Can You Do?

  • Address concerns with students and offer your support in best ways to assist
  • File report with SCC 

Signs of Emotional Distress/Death of a family member or friend:

  • Changes in student’s personality, eating habits, and sleeping pattern
  • Increased social withdrawal and isolation
  • Signs of irritability and lack of concentration
  • Behavior reflecting feelings of hopelessness or helplessness

What Can You Do?

  • Be supportive to student and discuss why you are concerned
  • Offer Counseling and Wellness Services as a resources for student and suggest that student make an appointment to meet with a counselor
  • File report with SCC 

Signs of Homelessness:

  • Student shows signs of not bathing, combing hair, and smelling of body odor
  • Student demonstrates physical signs of fatigue, and failing to eat
  • Student repeatedly wears same outfit

What Can You Do?

  • Meet with student and address concerns regarding their well-being
  • If student admits to homelessness provide resources including Raider Food Pantry, and additional on-campus resources for housing options
  • Recommend student make appointment with Student Support Services 937-775-2727
  • File report with SCC 

When would a referral to SCC not be an appropriate first response?

In case of emergencies regarding threat to oneself or others:

  • Providing formal goodbye to family and friends either verbally or in written form
  • Developing plan and carrying out to harm oneself or others
  • Making threats to directly harm oneself or others

What Can You Do?

  • Immediately call the Wright State University Police Department at 937-775-2111
  • Be prepared to give WSUPD details (who,what, where, when, why) about incident
  • File report with SCC after contacting WSUPD 

Request a Student Concern Committee Presentation

If you would like additional information or a presentation regarding SCC please contact the Vice President’s office at 937-775-2808.


Student Concerns Committee

A multi-disciplinary team that meets weekly to address concerns about student in crisis or students experiencing some manner of difficulty and connect them to resources as appropriate.

Membership includes staff from:

  • Academic Advising
  • Counseling and Wellness Services
  • Community Standards and Student Conduct
  • Disability Services
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Health Center
  • LGBTQ Services
  • RaiderConnect
  • Residence Life and Housing
  • Student Support Services
  • Veterans and Military Center
  • Vice President for Student Affairs office
  • Wright State University Police

Crisis Response Team

For more immediate response to a crisis, a smaller subset of this group will meet. 

This group includes representatives from the following areas:

  • Representative of the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Police Department
  • Counseling and Wellness
  • Community Standards and Student Conduct
  • Student Support Services
  • Other representatives whose expertise pertains to the situation at hand, as needed (i.e., Athletics Department for issues involving student-athletes. Residence Life and Housing for a housing issue.)

If you have a concern about your immediate safety or the safety of students, staff or faculty, contact the Wright State University Police at 937-775-2111. If you have a concern you believe could be addressed by the Student Concern Committee please fill out the report by clicking the button at the top of the page.