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WSU AAUP chapter chides trustees & administration

Marty Kich, president of the WSU chapter of the American Association of University Professors union, sent a strongly worded letter to the board of trustees and WSU President David Hopkins this week laying the budget shortfall at their feet.

“Given your chronically misplaced priorities and wanton negligence, it is beyond the pale to ask WSU students to suffer for your errors by reducing the full-time faculty and otherwise cutting academic units who deliver their education,” Kich wrote.

The AAUP claims that WSU is second highest in the state for the percentage of its payroll that goes to administrators.

“You need to trim administrative bloat and to cut entities that have generated costs rather than revenues and reinvest in the core mission of this university,” Kich wrote. “If you are either unable or unwilling to act in this way, then you should resign.”