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Wright State Guardian: Senate Bill 83: Students voice concerns about possible impacts

Miami University students protest SB83

Excerpt from the Wright State Guardian

Senate Bill 83, or the Ohio Higher Education Enhancement Act as passed by the Senate on May 17, would ban mandatory diversity, equity and inclusion training with some exemptions, ban staff and employee striking and require specific American history courses. 

According to section 3345.0217 of the bill, diversity, equity and inclusion training would be allowed if such training [was needed to] secure grants or cooperative agreements, or for professional licensure or accreditation or [was] required by federal laws. For exemptions, universities must submit specific law regulations and language-use of training for chancellor approval. 

On May 17, State Senator Jerry Cirino, the senator who proposed the bill, provided a message to students regarding the bill. 

“If you desire an education that involves learning analytical skills, evaluating many ideas of many sides of issues and you want to learn how to think better, not what to think, this bill is for you,” Cirino said. “If you want your professors to welcome and encourage true intellectual diversity, free from the pressure to agree with a single ideological perspective, which dominates our campuses today, this bill is for you.”

Alex Stone, president of Rainbow Alliance and member of Abilities and Climbing Club, testified against the bill during the third hearing on April 19. Stone explained that the experience was enlightening, showcasing how many people are passionate about politics and local government. 

“I testified against this bill because it would remove many of the protections for myself and other minority students,” Stone said. “As a leader in my own community and an emerging adult, I wanted to begin taking a more active role in my local politics, and this bill presented the perfect opportunity.”