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DDN: Raiders’ sluggish offense part of recent woes

Scott Nagy yelling at Louisville

Excerpt from the Dayton Daily News

Wright State coach Scott Nagy has had teams that could stretch defenses with dazzling 3-point shooting.

He’s also had teams that could bludgeon opponents inside, leading to frequent trips to the foul line. That’s his preferred method of attack.

But so far this season, the Raiders are doing neither, which is why they’re lugging a 5-6 record into Saturday’s home game against NAIA foe Northwestern Ohio.

Having put an emphasis on defense in recent weeks, Nagy seems to have shored up that phase of the game. But the offense is lagging behind.

During their current four-game losing streak, the Raiders have scored 59, 77, 60 and 54 points. As Nagy has acknowledged, it’s too much to ask of a defense to make up for those meager totals.

They’re shooting just 32.5% on 3′s, which is on pace for their lowest clip since hitting 32.3% in 2008-09.

They’re also making only 5.0 per game, their fewest since finishing with a mere 4.3 in 2005-06.