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Mike Dewine

Feb 10, 2019

DeWine told Your Hometown Stations that he feels it's important he not interfere as governor.


Feb 9, 2019

Some Beavercreek College Credit Plus students have told their high school counselors that their Wright State classes have been cancelled.

Charlotte Berwald

Feb 9, 2019

“We’re trying to figure out what to believe, who to believe, who to trust and it’s very frustrating for us. We know our professors are there for us,” she said.

Malachi Smith

Feb 9, 2019

"I try to tell ‘em they can’t ruin my day. Nothing is going to ruin it.”

statehouse gathering

Feb 9, 2019

AAUP-WSU maintains they are willing to make upwards of 8 million dollars in concessions, so long as the union can secure their right to bargain over healthcare.

Veteran & Military center

Feb 9, 2019

Wright State officials are working on a plan to reimburse veterans whose housing benefits are affected by the strike.

Faculty with signs

Feb 8, 2019

The union president claims the administration is participating in union-busting.

AAUP at the Statehouse

Feb 8, 2019

AAUP-WSU and its supporters traveled to Columbus today in an attempt to put pressure on Gov. Mike DeWine and his administration to step in to help negotiate a deal.


Feb 8, 2019

The treatment ecosystem will be based in a high-addiction area of downtown Dayton where its reach can be maximized.

Feb 8, 2019

According to university officials, about 3,500 students affected by canceled classes have been invited to advising hours at the Student Union.