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Bruce Comer

Dec 12, 2020

"Dickens is especially great for radio.... [H]e is so descriptive that most of the time, all you really have to do is read him clearly and it’s all there.”

Empty classroom

Dec 12, 2020

WSU will continue its hybrid model that combines in-person, remote and flexible instruction, in the spring, interim Provost Douglas Leaman said.

WSU Police car

Dec 10, 2020

Communication between WSU’s Environmental Health and Safety Department and police has been crucial in the fight against the coronavirus at the Dayton campus.

Students on campus in masks

Dec 10, 2020

"The proposal before you is meant to try to help people who have struggled in one or multiple classes, and so that their GPA is not harmed.”

BART in snow

Dec 10, 2020

“The strange thing about it is that if you look at our financial position, we have not been in financial shape this good since 2014," said AAUP-WSU officer Tom Rooney.

Tim Finke

Dec 9, 2020

Coach Sott Nagy has been preaching to his perimeter players about the importance of pounding the glass, and the bouncy Tim Finke certainly has taken that message to heart.

Julia Reichert & her grandchildren

Dec 8, 2020

“What a wonderful example Julia and Steve set for their grandkids, but also it was such an awesome expression of support to our staff.”

Trey Calvin shoots

Dec 6, 2020

“I always tell them I don’t handle losing well. I dislike losing much more than I like winning. And I don’t like to be around people who don’t dislike it."

Jason Franklin on right

Dec 6, 2020

He’s the guy charged with implementing the ever-changing guidelines set by the CDC, along with those of the NCAA and the local health department.

Holden Tanner vs Marshall

Dec 4, 2020

Both teams looked ragged, having had multiple players miss extended time during preseason practice because of COVID-19.