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Trey Calvin

Nov 13, 2022

"I’m like, ‘Down one, we’re going with Trey. Trey’s the guy. He’s the one that has to make a play for us,’ and he did,” Coach Scott Nagy said.

Trey calvin

Nov 10, 2022

“I told them before the game and after the game, ‘These seasons are marathons, they’re not sprints. And this is just a couple steps into it.’”

Hannah Beachler

Nov 8, 2022

"I had to do as big of a deep dive as Wakanda because Talokan is specifically inspired by Mesoamerican and Mayan culture."

Andrew Welage

Nov 7, 2022

After averaging 80.6, 82.0 and 75.8 points the last three years, the Raiders may have a new look on offense this season.

Trey Calvin

Nov 7, 2022

The Raiders open Wednesday against visiting Davidson, the defending Atlantic 10 regular-season champs.

Volleyball Huddle

Nov 7, 2022

“There’s just an incredible belief in our team. No matter what the situation is, they have the composure to hang in there and battle,” coach Travers Green said.


Nov 4, 2022

The new 2023 premiums will be even lower than what was recently shared in open-enrollment materials.

Medicare logo

Nov 4, 2022

CMS said the standard monthly premium for Part B will be $164.90 for next year, down $5.20 from this year.

Trey Calvin vs Oakland

Nov 4, 2022

While he didn’t want to name the players in his rotation he did identify Trey Calvin, Amari Davis and Tim Finke as players who’ll seldom leave the floor.

Bryce Nixon

Nov 4, 2022

Hoffman completely revamped the roster for this season with 12 new players and just three returnees, two of whom played last year.