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Nicolas Gressis, 79, Professor of Finance and Financial Services

Nicolas Gressis, born October 22, 1936 in Athens, Greece, passed away on Monday, June 6, 2016, age 79 at The Oaks of West Kettering.

He was raised by his parents Joseph and Agnes in Athens and on the island of Tinos. He received a graduate degree in engineering from the University of Rome, a Ph.D. in finance from Pennsylvania State University, and taught in the Department of Finance and Financial Services at Wright State University for more than 30 years.

He is survived by his loving wife, Ida; his sons, Robert and Joseph; his grandson, Nicolas; and his brother, Peter. Nicolas was brilliant, funny, friendly, cheerful, confident, and unfailingly relaxed. He loved his work, and published in the best academic journals. Nicolas spoke several languages including Greek, Italian, French, English, and Spanish and would tell how to tip the waiter in all of them.

He loved playing Ms. Pacman, Mappy, and Tetris, and would get the highest scores in the arcade. Nicolas loved his cat, Bullitt, even though Bullitt would often sit on what he was reading. He loved saving energy, turning off the lights whenever anyone left them on. Nicolas loved all kinds of music, and made sure everyone heard it, whether at the dinner table or in the parking lot.

Most of all, he loved his wife and children. He will be very dearly missed. A funeral service and memorial was held at Routsong Funeral Home.