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Multi-term Registration

Beginning March 2023, students will have the opportunity to participate in multi-term registration. Students can enroll in both Fall Semester 2023 and Spring Semester 2024 classes at the same time. Students should enroll in fall classes first, and then enroll in spring classes in case there are any prerequisites needed for the spring semester classes. Faculty can learn more about multi-term registration using the link below.

Administrative Registration Actions

Instructors or Departments requiring administrative, non-student initiated registration activity in accordance with University Policy 3430 and course or program restrictions should complete and submit the respective request below. Such actions may not be substituted for registration actions that must be initiated by students. In keeping with FERPA and internal data integrity policies, documents that include UID and student identifying information must not be submitted via email unless password protected.

Administrative Drop for Non-Attendance

For any student who never attended or completed an academic action in accordance with policy, the following options are available by which an Instructor may request our office to administratively drop the student in accordance with University Policy 3430.2:

Department Request (e.g., lack of Pre-Requisite DROP)

Department may choose an option below to request administrative action permitted by policy, such as drop for non-system-enforced pre-requisite. The DocuSign option will function for individual or up to seven multiple students with identical action needed.

Registration Overrides

Students requiring registration overrides may be granted the appropriate permission via WINGS Express or Banner. This allows the student to complete registration without the need for signature(s) on the add/drop registration form.

Overrides via WINGS Express (Primary Instructor)

  • The primary instructor for a course may enter permissions via WINGS Express.
  • The Student UID is required - request from student
  • Permissions requiring college or department approval should be entered by an instructor only when authorized to do so; students should otherwise be directed to contact the appropriate office (e.g., college, department).
  • WINGS Express Override Guide (PDF)

Overrides via Banner (College or Department Personnel)

  • Department/college personnel may enter permissions directly in Banner upon appropriate authorization to do so.
  • Banner Override Guide (PDF)
  • Department/college personnel who need to grant overrides in Banner must have Banner Admin Access.

Important Note about closed class permissions: If a course section has a waitlist, closed class permission should not be granted. Students should register for the waitlist. Once online registration (and, thus, waitlist registration) has ended for the term, instructors/departments may use grant closed class permission so that the student may submit registration form to register via Enrollment Services (RaiderConnect).

Prerequisite Information for Faculty/Staff

Registration Restrictions and System-Enforced Prerequisites

View the Prerequisite Presentation (PPTX) to learn more.

  • There are two types of prerequisites
    • Department enforced
    • System enforced
  • There are many other types of registration restrictions
  • Registration overrides may be added online to allow students to register
  • Changes to course prerequisites may be requested as follows:
    • To change prerequisite courses, test scores, enrollment restrictions, submit a course proposal in Curriculog
      • If you have submitted a proposal to change a course prerequisite but registration is starting and it has not been approved, send an email to the appropriate Curriculum Committee Chair (UG/GR) and to request a provisional approval
    • To change prerequisites from department enforced to system enforced (or vice versa), send an email to

Course Prerequisite Checking Report

Student Resources

Students may be directed to the following resources for guidance

Degree Audit (uAchieve) Advisor Guides

For more information visit Academic Advising

WINGS Express Help Documents

Contacting our Office

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