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How to Read Class Listings

Special Registration Explanations

University Policy 4110: Course Numbering

University Policy 4160: Online Course Terminology

To find courses with a specific type of instruction use the "Attribute Type" dropdown menu to select the desired type of instruction when searching for courses using the Class Schedule search tool. You can find more information about distance learning courses as well as technical requirements (computer type, software, etc.) on the Distance Learning website.

Lake Campus Class Designations

Lake Campus classes have a W preceding the section number, i.e., Acc 201, W01. In the online class listings, Lake Campus class will have a designation of "L" in the campus code field (CMP). Dayton or main campus classes have a designation of "M".

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When you use the Class Schedule Search tool, courses meeting your search requirements will be returned in a list with the following fields of information:

Field Name Description
Select If check box appears, you may check this to add it to your WorkSheet; “C” means the class is full/closed; "NR" means no registration possible at this time; "SR" means the student has a restriction preventing registration in this course and should contact Enrollment Services (RaiderConnect) for help
CRN: Course Reference Number The unique identification number for each class section; facilitates online and in-person registration.
Subj: Subject (or Prefix) Example: The accountancy course subject/prefix is ACC.
Crse: Course Number Example: The course number for ACC 2020, Accounting Principles, is 2020.
Sec: Section Some courses will have multiple class offerings, or class sections, from which to choose each semester. NOTE: Sections numbered 90 and above are typically online classes. Class offerings that meet for half the term may be designated with either A or B before the section number. Check for the exact term dates. Section numbers with a W indicate that the course is being offered by the Wright State Lake Campus in Celina.
Cmp: Campus Dayton or Lake Campus.
Cred: Credit Hours  
Title The title of the class section.
Days Days of the week the class section will meet (M-Monday, T-Tuesday, W-Wednesday, R-Thursday, F-Friday; MWF=Monday, Wednesday and Friday; TR=Tuesday and Thursday).
Time Time of day the class section will meet on specified days.
Cap, Act, Rem (XL Cap, XL Act, XL Rem for crosslisted) Cap (capacity) - Maximum number of seats in a class section; Act (actual enrollment) - number of students enrolled; Rem (remaining) - seats remaining/unoccupied.
WL Cap, WL Act, WL Rem WL Cap (waitlist capacity) Maximum number allowed on waitlist for class section; WL Act (waitlist actual count) - number of students on waitlist; WL Rem (waitlist remaining)- seats remaining on waitlist.
Instructor Primary Instructor assigned to the class section.
Date (MM/DD) Not all class sections meet for the full semester, or term. Start and end dates are listed for the term during which the class section meets (Full, A, B, X-Flex);  these are not necessarily the specific meeting dates for the class section.
Location Building abbreviation and room number; subject to change.
Attribute Course section-specific attributes including online or face-to-face instruction.
Restrictions Class section-specific restrictions; see full class section details by selecting CRN hyperlink.