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Consortium/Cross-Registration (SOCHE/DAGSI)

The Cross Registration Program allows degree-seeking students access to academic opportunities not available at their home institutions to maintain their current home institution program of study. Students enrolled at a college or university within the Strategic Ohio Council of Higher Education (SOCHE) may register for courses that are available at other SOCHE institutions and GC3 institutions.

Desired course(s) must not be available at the home institution during the term the student wishes to enroll and must be course(s) required for the student’s program. Generally, most courses, except study abroad, are eligible—subject to space availability, completion of prerequisite courses, and permission of both the home and the host institutions.

Wright State University Students

You can take a class at another SOCHE Consortium institution participating in Cross Registration if:

  • The course is not offered at Wright State during the current term and is required by your degree program.
  • You are taking greater than or an equal number of hours at Wright State University during the same term.
  • You meet all prerequisites of the other institution course(s).
  • You meet all deadlines at the other institution, and are accepted by that school as a student.
  • Cross registration approvals and form submissions must be completed prior to the first day of the term at the host institution.

Carefully review all information on the SOCHE website.

Initiate completion of the SOCHE Cross Registration form available on the SOCHE Website to begin the process. 

You can obtain information on cross registration by contacting or 937-775-4000, or via the SOCHE website.

Other Institution Students

Students from other consortium schools wanting to take courses at Wright State University must apply for admission as a non-degree seeking student: Apply for admission

Beginning on the Consortium Registration start date and BEFORE the first day of the semester (once admitted as a non-degree seeking student):

  • Bring the completed SOCHE Cross Registration Form found on the SOCHE Website along with photo ID in person to Enrollment Services, located in the University Hall 101.
    • The form must have already been signed by the Home institution advisor and the Home institution SOCHE Coordinator.
  • Take SOCHE Cross Registration form back to the Home Institution after registration at Wright State to finalize your cross registration.

Dates and deadlines:

For more information visit the SOCHE Cross Registration website.

Defense Associated Graduate Student Innovators (DAGSI)

Eligible graduate engineering students may take classes at the University of Dayton or Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Learn more about DAGSI.

Senior Citizens 60 and Up Enrollment

60 and Up Process

Download a PDF version of the 60 and Up Process Instructions (PDF)

Those who wish to participate in the 60 and Up program will do the following:

  • New 60 and Up Program students who do not have a UID must Apply for Admission at
  • Newly Admitted and Continuing 60 and Up Program students must gain Instructor Permission to take a course not-for-credit (audit)
    • Contact the instructor via email
      • Instructor email address link for each course is included in the Online Class Schedule.
        • Provide your Wright State University ID number (UID)
        • Provide the course CRN (5-digit number unique to each course)
        • Request instructor to grant permission for you to Audit the course 
    • Fax all 60 and Up Program documentation to Enrollment Services 937-775-4410

60 and Up Registration begins the Monday before the first day of classes. Documentation received prior to this date will be retained. Required Instructor Permission must be secured by the 60 and Up student and cannot be provided by Enrollment Services.

  • Summer 2024 enrollment begins Monday, April 29
  • Fall 2024 enrollment begins Monday, August 16
  • Spring 2025 enrollment begins Monday, January 6

If desired, contact Enrollment Services at 937-775-4000 or to schedule an appointment to meet with a team member on campus.

60 and Up Program General Information

On a space-available basis, eligible Ohio residents, age 60 or older may enroll in university courses on a tuition-free basis according to Section 3345.27 of the Ohio Revised Code. Students are responsible for lab fees, books, and any other special fees and must meet course prerequisites or have instructor permission to enroll. 60 and Up registration begins the First day of classes, as noted in the Academic Calendar. All registration changes (including changes in audit or credit status) must be completed by the Last day to change audit status, as noted on the Academic Calendar.

For eligible students who wish to participate in a noncredit (audit) basis, tuition is free. Eligible students who wish to earn academic credit for the tuition-free courses must also demonstrate financial need as stipulated in Section 3345.27 Ohio Revised Code (family income less than 200% of the federal poverty guideline) based on the number of family members living in the home. Qualifying students will need to complete a 60 and Up Eligibility Form (PDF) and a signed copy of the current federal tax return to document financial need.

Classes are offered on a space-available basis, and some workshops/classes are not available through this program. For help with course selection for non-degree students, contact the advising center at 937-775-5720. 

All students must apply for admission via our online application. Eligible students who have a bachelor’s degree may apply to the Graduate School for admission to take graduate courses in either non-degree graduate status or to apply for admission to a graduate degree program. Call 937-775-2976 for information. Degree-seeking students will be assigned an academic advisor.