Accreditation & Assessment

Assessment Reporting

Wright State University requires all academic departments and select co-curricular units to submit an annual assessment of student learning report outlining the learning outcomes assessed, procedures for assessment, findings from direct and indirect assessments, information sharing activities, and actions to improve. Following the submission, completed assessment reports are reviewed with feedback provided prior to the next submission date. To conclude the reporting cycle, assessment reports are posted in PDF format.

How to Complete a Report

Deadlines and methods for submitting the annual reports are listed below.

Report Due Date Method
Academic Programs Assessment Report December 31 Annually Watermark Planning & Self Study
Co-Curricular Assessment Report August 1 Annually Watermark Planning & Self Study
General Education Core Designated Element Reports October 1 Annually Reports are submitted to the Core Oversight Committee via the drop boxes set up for each Core Element in the Pilot learning management system.