Office of Disability Services

Academic Support

photo of students in a computer classroom

Academic services are designed to assist students with disabilities in meeting all academic requirements at the university.

Eligible students may receive accommodations such as:


  • Students may meet with case managers to discuss issues regarding disabilities and academic accommodations.

Classroom/Laboratory Accommodations

  • Furniture accommodations
  • Lab assistance

Note Taking

Reader/Writer Services

  • Reader: reads printed course materials aloud to student
  • Writer: writes/types content as student dictates (scribe)

Beginning July 1, 2016, out of class Reader/Writer services offered through the Office of Disability Services will be discontinued.

Test Proctoring Services

  • extended test time
  • testing environment with reduced distractions
  • assistive technology/software
  • reading or writing assistance (test proctor/scribe), Scantron assistance