Friends of the Libraries Virtual "Lunch-In"

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, Noon to 1 pm
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Leadership in Challenging Times

Tornadoes, a mass shooting, and a pandemic. Dayton has seen its share of challenges over the last two years. Mayor Nan Whaley will discuss the challenges of leading the city of Dayton during these difficult times.

Leaders today face the prospect of working to unite communities in a time when citizens not only have different opinions, but also disagree on basic facts that form the foundation of those opinions. Mayor Whaley will share how leaders navigate challenges in a polarized climate and how she evaluates information to bring community members together. She will also address what role we community members can play as active citizens striving toward shared visions and outcomes for our region.

Following Mayor Whaley’s presentation, Mandy Shannon, Head of Instruction & Research Services will share strategies for fact-checking information, improving news literacy, and being responsible consumers of news and other media.

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