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Repeat Coursework

The Department of Education has put in place federal regulations that may prohibit students from receiving Title IV aid for repeating coursework. These regulations use a repeat coursework enrollment calculation to determine the amount of Title IV aid that can disburse to a student.

You may count towards enrollment status and receive Title IV funds if you are repeating, for the first time only (i.e. one repetition per class), a previously passed course. You may be repeatedly paid for repeatedly failing the same course (normal Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) Policy will apply). If you withdraw before completing the course you are being paid Title IV funds for retaking, then it not counted as your one allowed retake for that course. However, if you passed a class once and are repaid for retaking it and fail the second time, that failure counts as your paid retake and you may not be paid for retaking the class a third time.

In any case, remember that retaken classes may count against satisfactory academic progress, and your financial aid eligibility is still constrained by all the requirements of our SAP Policy.

The repeat coursework regulations are not year or location specific. If transfer credit counts toward degree completion, Title IV aid can pay for only one repeat of that previously passed course no matter when or where that course was previously taken.

Some types of courses are excluded from the financial aid repeat course enrollment calculation because the content presented in the course varies from term to term. Examples of courses that could be excluded from the repeat course enrollment calculation are:

  • Thesis Courses
  • Dissertation Courses
  • Physical Education Courses
  • Performing Arts Courses
  • Special Topic Courses