Student Activities & Organizations

Going to Wright State is about making the most of your life as a student. As you get involved, you'll not only have a lot of fun, you'll also develop your leadership abilities, raise your consciousness, and acquire skills you'll use after college.

Our list of student clubs and organizations is always evolving with the changing interests of students. Are you interested in academics, athletics, socializing, community service, networking, or personal development? There's a good chance that a student organization exists for what you want to do. Getting involved is easy! Just go to the listing of organizations and contact the organization(s) that match your interests.

If you don't see the one you were looking for, why not start your own club or organization?

How do I find an organization on campus?

Getting involved is easy! First, attend Do the U during First Weekend. Do the U is Wright State’s fall student involvement fair. Second, attend Fall Fest, a campus-wide festival during Raider Weeks, the first two weeks of fall classes. Many of the student clubs and organizations have booths where you can meet members and learn what they do.

You can also visit the Student Involvement and Leadership website for a listing of current clubs and organizations and contact information.

How do I start a club or organization?

Students interested in bringing a new student organization (NSO) to the campus community should first review the list of pre-existing student organizations. If there are no current organizations that pique your interest, students should find at least four interested members, including a president and treasurer. The group must also secure a full-time faculty or staff advisor.

If you feel as if you have all the requirements to start a new student organization, you can email for more information on onboarding, training, and semester planning.

What is Engage?

Members of student organizations and clubs use Engage to manage their communications and to help coordinate activities and calendars. You'll need to login to use it, but once you do, you'll find a number of important resources and tools at your fingertips.

Visit the Engage website