Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Committee Day April 2020

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Thursday, April 30, 2020, 12:30 pm
Live Stream
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PDF icon Student Affairs and Athletics Committee Agenda93.17 KB
PDF icon Student Government President and Vice President Resolution92.04 KB
PDF icon Student Government Presentation655.18 KB
PDF icon Governor DeWine Letter321.4 KB
PDF icon Athletics Presentation4.36 MB
PDF icon Academic Affairs Committee Agenda93.45 KB
PDF icon Emeritus Requests and Resolution118.21 KB
PDF icon Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Studies Resolution122.21 KB
PDF icon Student Success Presentation2 MB
PDF icon Finance, Audit and Infrastructure Committee Agenda158.04 KB
PDF icon Summary: Financial Reporting Through March 31, 2020121.5 KB
PDF icon 1. FY2020 Financial Analysis Unrestricted Funds Through March 31, 202078.43 KB
PDF icon 2. FY2019 to FY2020 Actual Comparison Through March 31, 202084.94 KB
PDF icon 3. FY2019 to FY2020 Single Month Comparison: March 202084.06 KB
PDF icon Summary: Monthly Cash Report as of March 31, 2020316.28 KB
PDF icon 4. Wright State Cash Forecast as of March 31, 2020726.92 KB
PDF icon 5. Monthly Cash and Investment Balance as of March 31, 2020188.39 KB
PDF icon 6. SEI Investment Report as of March 31, 20201.17 MB
PDF icon 7. Investment Income Dashboard: March 2020214.31 KB
PDF icon 8. Investment Pool vs. IPS Targets as of March 31, 2020422.49 KB
PDF icon 9. Expenditures $500,000 and Over132.86 KB
PDF icon 10. Resolution for Expenditures $500,000 and Over127.4 KB
PDF icon 11. Contracts $250,000 to $499,999111.55 KB
PDF icon 12. Resolution for Contracts $250,000 to $499,999103.48 KB
PDF icon 13. Contract of $150,000 to $249,99978.75 KB
PDF icon Board Governance and Compliance Committee Agenda114.43 KB
PDF icon Enterprise Risk Management Presentation495.73 KB
PDF icon Advancement Report2.33 MB
PDF icon Communications Report166.48 KB
PDF icon Foundation Report250.01 KB
PDF icon Marketing Report173.82 KB