Coronavirus Update

All academic classes will be held remotely for summer semester and course information indicates whether they have set meet times or no meet times. Physical access to Dayton and Lake campuses is restricted to essential personnel. Read more.

Guest Account Request

The guest account request form is for faculty and staff who wish to request a WSU Limited Access Guest Account. This account will be used for authentication by a sponsored guest visiting Wright State. These accounts are active for up to 30 days.


How to Request a Guest Account

To request a guest account, contact the CaTS Help Desk at (937) 775-4827 and mention that you want to request the account.

Important Notes:

  • Individuals requesting Guest Accounts are responsible for the proper use of the account in accordance with University Policy 11210.
  • By submitting a request for a Guest Account, the petitioner is indicating their agreement to accept this responsibility.
  • Guest Accounts are issued for a maximum of 30 days. If a guest requires access for a longer period of time, a request must be made to the Help Desk for an extension. Please contact the Help Desk at x4827 for information on requesting such an account.
  • If there are questions concerning the agreement, the account requestor must contact the CaTS Help Desk.