Pilot: Quiz Tool and Respondus

Wednesday, January 18, 2017, Noon to 1:30 pm
023 Dunbar Library
Current Students

Led by Cheryl Silcox, Learning Management System Technologist, CTL.  Pilot provides faculty with several options for assessing students' knowledge throughout the term including a built-in tool for building and delivering quizzes and exams online that can be composed of text, images, diagrams, audio and video questions.  Features of the Quiz & Exam tool include creating and maintaining question banks, multiple quiz and exam versions, automatic grading, multiple and time limited attempts, automatic feedback to students as well as other options.  A quiz generating tool, Respondus, will also be covered in the session.  This tool can also import test questions and entire test banks from textbook publishers, other test question bank software packages as well as MS Word.  Participants will be given an overview of the features, given time to create several questions and a couple of assessments and explore the features and options of their quiz or exam. They will also import a question file and be shown how to copy assessments from one class/course to another. 

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