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Survey Administration (Qualtrics)

photo of a professor and two students using computersQualtrics is a powerful but easy-to-use platform for making, sharing and administering online surveys.

To use Qualtrics, go to wright.qualtrics.com.

Plug in your campus user name and password, just like in Pilot or WINGS.

Qualtrics is so easy to use that some people start building a survey without any training. But there is a great way to learn the basics before you begin:

  • The Qualtric's Survey Platform Overview page is the first page in a series of really good online tutorials by Qualtrics.
  • The "Help" button within Qualtrics will take you to the tutorials mentioned above.

Need permissions changed?

You may make as many surveys as you want. By default, though, there is a limit to the number of surveys you may have active at one time. If you need to do more than the standard role allows, faculty may contact Jeff Hiles at jeffrey.hiles@wright.edu or (937) 775-3181 to have limits changed.

Other questions and support

Please contact Qualtrics' support:

In-person training

CaTS offers Qualtrics workshops. Check the CaTS Workshops page for upcoming sessions. Also, see CaTS' getting started manual for Qualtrics.