IMPORTANT: Save your work often on an external source, such as a flash drive. If the computer loses power or reboots unexpectedly, your work will be lost. Any files you save or software you install on these computers are erased when the computer is restarted.


Can I install my own software on the laptop?

Yes! You can install any legitimate software on the laptop. However you cannot make major changes to the operating system (i.e. uninstall Windows and install Linux). Keep in mind, though, that when the computer is restarted, all unsaved work and software installations will be lost.

Can I renew my checkout and keep the laptop longer?

Yes! If there is no one waiting for a laptop when you return it, you can renew the checkout for an additional 4 hours or until the latest due time, whichever is earlier.

Is the wireless network feature turned on when I get the laptop?

To conserve battery life, wireless networking is turned off by default (although the new MacBooks will have have their Airport cards turned ON by default). Instructions on how to use the built-in wireless networking features are provided on the computer.

What if the battery runs out before my time is up?

During normal use, the battery should last more than the four hour checkout time. However, if your battery does not last, you can receive a replacement battery at the Laptops2Go checkout counter. The laptops now come with power cords, too!

Do you provide a power cord?

Yes! Due to popular demand, we now include a power cord with every laptop checked out.

Why can't faculty or staff check out the laptops?

The Laptops-2-Go program is paid for with student technology fees and is a service provided by CaTS for students. Faculty and staff can check out laptops from the CaTS Equipment Checkout service.



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