Student Employee Scholarships & Awards

Elizabeth Dixon Award

photo of elizabeth dixonThis scholarship, named after Elizabeth Dixon, is presented to undergraduate students, graduate students, or alumni whose notable programmatic or operational accomplishments exemplify the spirit of volunteer service which is vital to the mission of the Student Union.

During the thirteen years she served as director, Elizabeth M. Dixon played a central role in the development of services available to Wright State students and the university community. Her responsibilities were many and her dedication to higher education and meticulous attention to detail earned her the admiration and respect of students and colleagues alike. Mrs. Dixon came to Wright State as the first director of the University Center while the original building was under construction. She single-handedly developed procedures and policies for the best use of the new facility. Her deep concern for the growth and total education of students led her to champion the development of the University Center Board, which is now known as the Union Activities Board, as an autonomous student programming organization. Seeing the need for more places for commuter students to gather, she oversaw the expansion of the University center, which was completed in 1971. In 1978, Mrs. Dixon graciously assumed significant additional responsibilities when she was named executive director of Student Auxiliary Services.

Elizabeth Dixon's dedication, professionalism, and expertise, as well as her outstanding record of service and achievement, rightfully earned her the title of "First Lady of the Wright State University Center. " Her legacy of leadership and uncompromising standards has been passed, shown to each new generation of staff in the Student Union. Her standards remain as our benchmark for excellence.

Past Recipients

  • Erin Compaleo, 2023
  • Dylan Collison, 2022
  • Nick Adams, 2020
  • Daniel Palmer, 2019
  • Hunter Cregger, 2017
  • Dylan Schwieterman, 2016
  • Jonathan Bullock, 2015
  • Kimberly Daly, 2013
  • Chris Sands, 2012
  • Claire Nerl, 2011
  • Aaron Long, 2010
  • Dan Perry, 2009
  • Rachel Brand, 2008
  • Randi True, 2007
  • Ann Wright, 2006
  • Brian Humm, 2005
  • JT Bukiewicz, 2004
  • Laura Lambert, 2003
  • Heather Bishara, 2002
  • Andrea Bales, 2001
  • Amy Roper Walko, 2000
  • April Burgett, 1999
  • Jennifer Woodward, 1998
  • Ronald C. Heyart, 1997
  • Staci Pepitone, 1996
  • Timothy L. Cartwright, 1995
  • Pamela P. Davis, 1994
  • Patricia L.Kelly, 1993
  • Douglas L. Merk, 1992
  • William L. Shepard, 1991
  • Phillip A. Rang, 1990