Student Employee Scholarships & Awards

Overview and History

photo of students standing in the student union atrium

The Wright State University Student Union Office is dedicated to supporting and encouraging the growth of students both inside and outside of the classroom. Our students are the life forces of this organization. That is why in addition to promoting professional development through our many student employment opportunities, we also provide scholarships and achievement awards to many of our student staff.


The Student Union Achievement Awards were created in 1992 as a result of student employee fund-raising efforts. Since 1993, we have awarded $363,120 to 378 students. Funds for these scholarships are now raised annually through endowments, alumni contributions, the WSU Campus Scholarship Campaign, as well as through the fund-raising efforts of our Student Leadership Team and other hard working student employees. All students employed by our offices who meet the requirements included in this brochure are eligible to apply.

Each year our goal is to award as much money to as many deserving students as funds permit. As a student employee, your efforts are essential to the growth and success of the scholarship fund.


All scholarships are presented at the annual Student Union awards program in April. At this time we also take the opportunity to present three special awards to recognize exceptional leadership, as well as bid farewell to our graduating seniors.