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Academic Support


Elizabeth is a sophomore at Wright State, majoring in Spanish and pursuing a teaching licensure. She is also a member of Abilities, Amigos Latinos Student Association, and Commuter Student Association. She looks forward to helping others achieve their goals at Wright State.

Get to know Elizabeth

What are some of your hobbies/interests? 
I like learning how to play instruments. As of now, I have taught myself how to play piano and ukulele and am working on the guitar and kalimba. 

What language(s) do you speak? 
I speak English and know some Spanish.

How would you describe your personality? 
I tend to go with the flow and match the energy of the room. By myself, I tend to be on the quiet introverted side, however, I can match the energy of a caffeinated extrovert! I’ve been told I’m a good listener and I enjoy making new friends whenever I can.

What experience do you have as a mentor? 
I have always loved helping others, namely with homework, as much as I can! I have tutored kids in grades k-6 after school for 1.5 years in high school, and I always volunteer to help my younger siblings/cousins with their homework.

What are you passionate about? 
I’m very passionate about music in any shape/form, and have actually tried to write some myself! It’s only a few measures here and there, but it’s a great way to stay creative!