Refunds and Registration Process

To improve student access to open seats in courses and better align the university with federal regulations and best practices, the university has approved process and policy changes to several areas. All of the changes are outlined on this page. Please contact RaiderConnect if you have additional questions or concerns.

On this page:

Academic refund period

To obtain a 100 percent tuition refund, students will need to officially withdraw from a course by the Friday of the second week of classes during a full-term class, or by the first Friday of classes for A or B-term classes. Registration and drop/refund deadlines for X-Flex (flexible term) sections may be found using the Flex Term Refund Calculator. In general, the 100 percent refund date or time ends when 15 percent of the scheduled course time has been completed.


Financial aid disbursement and refunds

Disbursement will now take place on the first day of the term. Disbursement is the process of your awarded financial aid being applied to your student account.

Financial aid refunds are different from disbursement. Refunds are any excess financial aid that is distributed to the student upon the satisfactory completion of all requirements. Students will begin receiving refunds near the end of the first week of classes.


Registration cancellation for prior term balance

Students with account balances for a prior term will have fourteen (14) calendar days into the future term to pay the previous term balance in its entirety or enrollment for the term may be administratively cancelled. Consult the Student Financial Responsibility Statement for complete information. 

Term Fees due date Registration Cancellation - Prior Term Balance
Fall 2022 August 15 September 2, 2022
Spring 2023 December 15 January 20, 2023
Summer 2023 April 15 May 19, 2023


Late registration fees

  • A flat, late registration fee of $100 will be assessed beginning the first day of the term for continuing students who have not yet registered for the term. 
  • Prior to Fall 2021, a $100 per-credit hour late registration fee applied to registrations that took place after the course census date. 

Students should consult the Academic Calendar or RaiderConnect for the course census date.


Fees due date

$100 Late Registration Fee 

Fall 2022

August 15, 2022

August 22, 2022

Spring 2023 December 15, 2022 January 9, 2023

Important: Bills are generated at the end of each month and invoices are available for viewing the first business day of the month.


Installment payment plan

Students can easily enroll in one of the four-payment installment plans to pay their tuition and fees using WINGS Express. The plan’s first payment consists of a $25 or $50 processing fee and 5 percent down payment toward the account balance. The remaining three payments have defined due dates and will each be equal to one-third of the outstanding account balance. A $50 late-payment fee will be assessed for each late installment payment.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • In the past my schedule wasn't canceled if I paid late. Will my class schedule really be canceled for nonpayment before the term starts?

    Your classes will not be cancelled if you have an unpaid balance of current term charges. Please note that your classes will be canceled if you have an unpaid past term balance that is not resolved prior to the 100% refund date.

  • If my schedule is canceled and I have to re-register, will I have to pay a late fee?

    Your classes will not be cancelled if you have an unpaid balance of current term charges. Please note that your classes will be canceled if you have an unpaid past term balance that is not resolved prior to the 100% refund date.

  • If my schedule is canceled and I have to re-register, will I be able to get my same schedule again?

    Not necessarily. This will depend on the seat capacity and availability of your selected courses.

  • If my schedule is canceled due to an administrative error, what will happen?

    The Office of the Registrar will attempt to place the student back into their original class schedule if all classes are open. If that is not possible, the office where the error occurred will work with you and your department chair to provide the best possible resolution. When an accommodation cannot be made, the student will be offered an alternative class for consideration.

  • Will my schedule be canceled for unpaid campus housing or other non-academic fees?

    Yes, registration cancellation will occur if any past term balances go unpaid prior to the 100% refund date.

  • When will I get my financial aid refund?

    Refunds will begin to be processed by the end of the first week of classes for students who have met all aid requirements.

  • How can I get my textbooks on time if I need financial aid for them?

    If you selected “Yes” on your financial aid application to permit the university to hold money on your financial aid and if your form of aid permits it, then any excess financial aid will be available for you to transfer to your Wright1 Card for use in the Wright State University Bookstore. Tip: Contact the bookstore for information about their price matching policy.

  • How do I get an academic refund after the 100 percent refund period has closed?

    The only way to get an academic refund after the full refund period is through the petition process. Contact RaiderConnect for more information.

  • If I am a new Wright State student or a College Credit Plus student and I register after the initial fee date, do I have to pay a late fee?

    New students direct from high school, College Credit Plus students, new transfer students, and new graduate students will be exempt from the $100 late registration fee for the term in which they first enroll.

  • If I am attending a graduate workshop, will I have to pay a late registration fee?

    No. Graduate workshops, including on-site registration, are exempt from the late registration fee.

  • If I am waitlisted for a course, will I have to pay a late registration fee if I am admitted to the course?

    No. If you register for a course and are placed on its waitlist before the late-registration period, then you will not have to pay a late fee if a seat opens up for you in the course.

  • Will I be charged a late fee if I switch a course after the first payment due date?

    It depends. The first fee payment due date of the term occurs prior to the start of the term. If a student establishes their initial class registration prior to the first week of the term and then drops and adds a class up through the second week of the term, no late registration fee would be assessed. However, instructor permission would be required to add a class beginning Week Two of the term. On or after the fifteenth day of the term, a $100 late registration fee would apply unless the course switch is an approved change from one section to another of the exact same course. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisor and/or Raider Connect prior to making a change in their schedule.

  • What is a course census date?

    The census date is the day on which a final headcount is submitted for official records.