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Study Abroad Ambassador Program Proposals

Faculty Led / Ambassador Program Proposals

Ambassador Programs or short term faculty led study abroad programs are programs that WSU faculty provide a class while travelling abroad with the assistance of our international office.  Typically the program runs for 1-4 weeks and is usually offered during the summer term, winter or spring break. The class is usually 3.0 credit hour on average. 

Developing an Ambassador program is a lengthy process with a lot of moving parts and stakeholders. University Center for International Education (UCIE) provides opportunities and support for faculty to teach abroad by developing, planning and administering short term faculty led programs with the faculty to meet curriculum needs. These programs provide opportunities for students to study abroad and develop their global competence while fulfilling their program requirements. Faculty travel expenses are covered within the program budget while the class is offered through the department. If you would like to learn more about how to develop an Ambassador Program, please contact Joy Wanderi at:  joy.wanderi@wright.edu.

Apply to lead an Ambassador Program

Faculty, with support from their Chair and Department, typically submit a Faculty Led Program Proposal more than 12 months in advance of the program.    To submit your program proposal, please click on the following link: http://studyabroad.wright.edu/?go=FacAmbassadorApp .   A complete application will include a detailed program, a proposed course syllabus, an estimated budget and a signed approval from the sponsoring department.   An approved proposal is reviewed by the study abroad office and the study abroad and faculty committee for final recommendations. Please refer to our tutorial for help in applying for the program. You can also contact us with any questions about the process at megan.trickler@wright.edu.  You can download the tutorial here.

Special Program: The Japan Ambassador Program -Kake Exchange (2.5 weeks in Summer B)

In partnership with the Kake Education Institution Japan, each year, Wright State offers a two way exchange program for up to 3 weeks.  Over the summer, Wright State sends 10 students with a WSU Faculty member to Japan, and Kake sends 10 students with a faculty member to Wright State in a program that already has a set itinerary.  The Kake institute provides a detailed firm day to day cultural itinerary, which means the Faculty Advisor does not need to worry about the logistics or site visits or a budget for this program.  Past example of classes have been from Social Work, Political Science and Business.  Each year, the UCIE will call for proposals at the end of spring semester for the program departing the following summer (14 months later).   Kindly submit your proposal including the intended class at http://studyabroad.wright.edu/?go=FacAmbassadorApp. Please do not fill out the budget information it is not required for this program.  

WSU Ambassador Programs are a rewarding and enriching way to give our students and faculty a global experience and to internationalize our campus. We are excited to partner with you on this. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about this opportunity.


Joy Wanderi

Director, Education Abroad and Exchange Programs

University Center for International Education

Wright State University

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