Programming Initiatives

The University Center for International Education is a valuable resource to over 1,000 international students from over 60 different countries. UCIE seeks to serve you, International Student and Scholar, by coordinating efforts to advise and assist you in achieving academic and personal success here at Wright State University. Here are some of the student support services UCIE provides to help you adjust to life here campus:

  • Orientation
    ​UCIE offers mandatory orientations to new international students in order to provide critical information needed to be successful at Wright State:
    1. Courtesy Airport Pickup
    2. Immigration Check In for all International Students
    3. Fall, Spring, and Summer Orientation Seminars for New International Students
    4. International Undergraduate Math and English Placement Testing
    5. International Student Health Insurance
    6. Wright State ID Card
    7. Bank Account
    8. International Resource Fair
  • International Student Arrival Planning
  • International Student Advising
  • Support Services for J-1 Students and Scholars
  • Tax Workshops
  • Family Invitation Letters
  • Driver’s License Request Letters
  • Updates on Community Events
  • Programming
    1. International Friendships Affair- IFA is one of the most unique and anticipated events at Wright State University. This event is an exciting opportunity for you to showcase your culture through musical performances, dance performances, country displays, and food from all over the world.
    2. International Education Week- A week set aside to learn and celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.
    3. Welcome Receptions- UCIE welcomes new students into a friendly environment through welcome receptions.
    4. Graduation Receptions- UCIE celebrates international student graduates in their great accomplishment of completing their degree program and beginning the process of becoming future world leaders.
    5. Brown Bag Seminars- These educational seminars are a time during lunch to learn more about being a global citizen.
    6. Global Connections– Connect with people from all over the globe every Friday from 3-5pm at the UCIE Conference Room (344 Student Union):
      • Chinese National Day
      • Saudi National Day
      • Nigeria National Day
      • Indian Independence Day
      • Soccer Tournament
      • Resume Workshop
      • Halloween Pumpkin Carving
      • Volleyball Tournament
      • International Potluck
      • Norooz Persian New Year
    7. International Women’s Programming- UCIE creates programming specifically tailored to international female students. Past events include:
      • Interview Workshops
      • Personal Safety Seminars
      • Winter Health Seminar
      • Professional Clothes Drive
    8. Intercultural Exchange Programming- Led by the ICE student group, Intercultural Exchange Events seek to celebrate a multitude of cultures, expose international students to American culture, and foster friendship between WSU international and American students. Past events include the following:
      • Clifton Mill
      • Bowling
      • Ice Skating
      • Kayaking
      • Scene 75 Entertainment Center
      • Valentine’s Dance Party
  • Immigration Advising
    The friendly UCIE immigration services team is here to assist you with any needs related to immigration:
    1. Travel Request
    2. Reduce Course Load Request
    3. Transfer Request
    4. Program Extension Request
    5. Student Work Authorization
    6. CPT
    7. OPT and OPT Extension
    8. Change of Status Request
    9. International Undergraduate Change of Major Request
    10. F-1 and J-1 Visa Status Reinstatement Advising
  • Student Groups
    There are a number of student groups you can join in order to increase your support system and involvement here at Wright State University. Here are some student groups associated with International students:
    1. Indian Student Association
    2. Saudi Student Association
    3. Bangladesh Student Association
    4. Chinese Student & Scholar Association
    5. Arabic Club
    6. International Women’s Association
    7. African Student Union
    8. French Club
    9. German Club
    10. Persian Club
    11. Kuwait Student Organization
    12. Nepali Raiders
    13. Exchange Student Association
    14. International Cultural Exchange- ICE is a student group dedicated to celebrating cultural diversity and fostering international friendships among American students and international students.

For more information about International Student Services, please contact:

The University Center for International Education (UCIE)
344 Student Union