International Students and Applicants COVID-19 FAQ

FAQs for Wright State International Students and Applicants

Reminder of Online Class Requirements

  • Whatever your class requirements are, you are responsible for those requirements, whether you are in the US or abroad.
  • Remember to be mindful of time differences to accommodate for your classes.
  • Please communicate any travel plans with your professors.

UCIE Procedures to Obtain a Travel Signature

Please remember all students must be back for the Fall Semester which starts August 23, 2021. Before returning to the US, please check the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website for a list of Travelers Prohibited from Entry to the US.

  • Email UCIE at your international travel plans
  • In the body of the email put tentative travel dates
  • Go abroad or return to your home country
  • 30 days prior to returning to the US, email of your plans to return and we will print and mail you an updated I-20
  • If you do not follow these procedures and you do not have a valid travel signature, your return could be delayed
  • More information available at: