Aerial Roots

Monday, August 23 to Friday, October 1, 2021
Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries


    Marius Lehene

    Artist Statement

    I build my recent works as multiple images woven together layer upon layer to open up interfering visual worlds. These works reflect an interest in describing simultaneous locations/positionings and in multiplying the point of view to make relative its importance, possibly to disintegrate it entirely. The physical process of making, in which an homage to Jack Whitten is implicit, yields an ambiguity that I consider the proper medium of my work. Source-images come from the three cultural environments that contribute to my flaky sense of identity (Romanian, North American, and Indian); issues of memory, history, identity, absence, transience, and discontinuity appear in and motivate the work. I am interested in layering because it encapsulates time and is ambiguous in its oscillation between revealing and obscuring. The visual accumulation comes from and addresses an awareness of the perpetual re-orientation, re-interpretation (including self re-interpretation) that is typical of the immigrant experience I belong to. The canvas, as well as what happens on it, becomes a space without place that reveals meaning only when set in motion, shifting from one thing to another.