About Our Team

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Enrollment Management is one team comprising several departments. Collectively, Enrollment Management equips the colleges, departments, staff, and other professional members at Wright State with services that help them recruit, admit, award, orient, and enroll incoming students.

Office of the Vice President

The Office of the Vice President is responsible for leading the division, including strategic resources and partnerships.

Admissions, Recruitment, and Support Services

From first contact through graduation, the professional staff in these units provide guidance and support to tens of thousands of students each year.

Undergraduate Admissions communicates with all prospective students who have the goal of earning a bachelor's degree from Wright State University. Within this sphere, more specialized groups help to promote understanding and ease of transition for various audiences:

Brand and Marketing

The Office of Marketing is responsible for the production, placement, and promotion of the university brand and messaging for Enrollment Management and partners across the entire Wright State community. Marketing uses insights and expertise to identify opportunities and develop strategic outreach and recruitment materials, both physical and digital, including websites, advertising, promotional materials, photography, videography, and social media.

Career Services

Career Services creates connections, helping students find the people or resources that will empower them to make the most of their education. From choosing a major to landing a job offer, students can turn to Career Services for all their major decisions and pursuits.

Enrollment Services

Once a student has been admitted to Wright State, their next steps are very transactional by nature. The professional staff in Enrollment Services (RaiderConnect) operate as front-facing specialists who directly assist students with financial aid, student billing, and records.

Financial Aid is not student-facing, but is where all student loans, scholarships, and grants are processed and dispersed to student accounts. They are experts in aid and compliance.

Registrar staff, like Financial Aid, are not student facing. These staff members are responsible for processing and maintaining vast volumes of data relating to student enrollment, course registration, grades, and more.

Orientation and Success Programs

These programs support students, faculty, and staff through events and services in Orientation and Student Development.