Office of Disability Services

Shakira Busby, '14

What have been your goals after graduating from Wright State and how did your academic program, your professors and the staff at Wright State help you achieve those goals?

Upon graduating my goal has been to obtain a job that will allow me to utilize the skills and knowledge that I’ve acquired while attending Wright State. I am currently seeking a career working with individuals on the Autism spectrum. From the time I chose Rehabilitation Services as my major, I knew that I wanted to work with individuals with developmental disabilities.

The Office of Disability Services gave me my first opportunity to achieve this goal. I worked as a Transition Coach while attending WSU; I worked with individuals on the autism spectrum, assisting them as they transitioned into college life. This job allowed me to take the knowledge acquired in class and apply it to real world experience. As a student employee, I was very fortunate to have not only the staff in the Office of Disability Services where I worked to help guide me; I also had direct access to all of my professors as well. There was always someone there to assist me with difficult questions and situations pertaining to my work. This community style learning helped to build my confidence in my ability to work in the rehabilitation services field. Thanks ODS and my professors, I am confident that I will be able to make great contributions to the future organization that I will be working in.

What were some of the most innovative or beneficial services offered by the Office of Disability Services while you attended Wright State?   How did those services help you to succeed and excel as a student at Wright State?

The Office of Disability Services offers many services; the ones that I feel benefited me the most were the Test Proctoring services, and books in audio format. I have a learning disability, so sometimes it’s extremely difficult for me to focus and stay on track while reading. Receiving my textbooks in audio format kept me engaged. I was able to listen while reading, which kept me from losing my place on the page. Listening to the text also enabled me to grasp a better understanding of the material. As an auditory learner, it’s much easier for me to grasp and retain information by listening.

The test proctoring services were a very important factor in my success at WSU. I was able to take all of my quizzes and exams in a private room. The testing center reduced my anxiety and provided a quiet, reduced distraction environment, allowing me to focus only on my exam. The testing center also provided me with a proctor, who would read my exam questions aloud, providing the same affect of the audio books. There is a drastic different in taking an exam with and without a proctor.

What made you decide to attend Wright State?   What would you tell other students who are evaluating Wright State as a possible college choice?

When I was in high school, I took a tour of Wright State University. During the tour, I was informed of all the services provided by the Office of Disability Services. I knew right then that WSU was the university for me. I had gone on multiple college tours and Wright State was the only one that made me feel comfortable that I would have a place to turn to for academic support, which would be vital to my college success.