Office of Disability Services

Catalleya Storm, Current Student

What made you decide to attend Wright State?  What would you tell other students who are evaluating Wright State as a possible college choice? 

My choice to transfer to Wright State University has to do with the fact that I was trying to get away from my trafficker, and was able to get into Wright State. My choice to stay at Wright State has to do with finding my home.

One thing I would tell other students who are evaluating Wright State as a possible college choice is this, your home college may be similar or different than mine. You may be looking for the same things, or different things out of your university to help you on your way. Always trust your instincts. Even if you end up at a college and then transfer, know that each year in University you will grow and learn. I have done the most growing and learning at Wright State.

Although I cannot tell you that Wright State is the place for you...I can tell you that, should you choose Wright State University, you will encounter a University where every student matters, where the faculty and staff are all too eager to help you on your career journey, where you are more than a number, and where You will receive a good education while learning so much about yourself. I should know; this is what happened to me!

What have been your goals after graduating from Wright State and how did your academic program, your professors and the staff at Wright State help you achieve those goals?

My goals after I graduate from Wright State University is to hopefully further my education by going to law school. I hope to get a law degree, which will help me be more equipped to combat the issue of human trafficking. I am the founder and president of a student organization that actively combats human trafficking within our state. Wright State is the university where I found my passion for law and public policy. Thanks to my academic advisor, the Wright State police department, Office of Disability Services, Student Support Services and Counseling and Wellness, I have grown from a victim of human trafficking into a thriver. I have been encouraged, and given the tools needed to mold me into a great student, and an even better human being. It is because of all of this that I am even still in college today, and able to look forward to graduating and going on to further my education.

What are some of the most innovative or beneficial services offered by the Office of Disability Services while you attended Wright State?   How did those services help you to succeed and excel as a student at Wright State?

The most beneficial services offered by the Office of Disability Services, for me, has been ASL interpreters. I am able to be involved in classes a lot easier, and not only that, I am able to be involved around campus. I have been able to meet with representatives and government officials with ease because of the use of interpreters, as well as have interpreters when going to court, which has been extremely important to me. Aside from that, just the open door nature of ODS means so much to me, and I have been able to come with questions or concerns about anything. I have had some wonderful heart to heart talks with the ODS staff and I feel welcome there.

Another perk is the Wingerd service dog park. As a student with multiple disabilities (deafness, PTSD, TBI, etc.), having my service dog Benni with me on campus has made a wonderful difference in my life. I live off campus near Wright State, and know that Benni is always welcome with me on campus without any issues. I live in an apartment near Wright State, so the park allows my service dog the chance to exercise and be free between classes or during down times.  It can be hard for students with disabilities to drive off campus (I do not drive) to a dog park, since the park may be inaccessible to the students with disabilities. Here at Wright State, the college experience is different for the student than is at most other colleges, and it’s also different for their 4-legged partners. Wright State's Office of Disability Services has made a wonderful impact on my life!