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Board of Trustees Committee Day January 2017

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PDF icon Building and Grounds Committee Agenda198.14 KB
PDF icon Academic Affairs Committee Agenda105.6 KB
PDF icon 1. Emeritus Requests10.32 KB
PDF icon 2. Posthumous Degree Resolution- Gregory Karjala139.65 KB
PDF icon 3. Posthumous Degree Resolution- Joshua Merrick Weaver83.92 KB
PDF icon 4. Tuition Discount Request- Summer Tuition232.17 KB
PDF icon 5. Tuition Discount- CBRN Tuition Waiver150.64 KB
PDF icon 6. Program Proposal- B.S. in Neuroscience935.06 KB
PDF icon . Resolution for B.S. in Neuroscience109.37 KB
PDF icon 7. Program Proposal- B.S.B. in Entrepreneurship709.16 KB
PDF icon Resolution for B.S.B. in Entrepreneurship54.13 KB
PDF icon 8. State Duplicate Program: Reporting Process270.81 KB
PDF icon 9. Duplicate Programs: Western Region243.95 KB
PDF icon Compliance and Audit Committee Agenda139.83 KB
PDF icon Executive Session- Agenda30.99 KB
PDF icon Student Affairs Committee Agenda222.18 KB
PDF icon Finance Committee Agenda14.94 KB
PDF icon 1. SEI 4th Quarter Investment Review1.06 MB
PDF icon 2. SEI Investment Report- as of 12-31-16758.59 KB
PDF icon 3. 2016 Dashboard Investment Report- December 201670.3 KB
PDF icon 4. Investment Pool vs. IPS Targets as of 12-31-1645.45 KB
PDF icon 5. Cash Forecast Report- December 201683.12 KB
PDF icon 6. Cash & Investment Activity- December 2016193.51 KB
PDF icon 7. Budget Variance Report- through December 31, 201622.93 KB
PDF icon 8. Budget to Date - December 31, 201626.37 KB
PDF icon 9. FY17 Undergrad Annualized Full-Time Tuition Comparison36.48 KB
PDF icon 10. ODHE Data Series: Education & General Expense per FTE 1.13 MB
PDF icon 11. Reserve Funding9.16 KB
PDF icon 12. Approval of Contracts $500,000 and above11.83 KB
PDF icon 13. Resolution for Approval of Contracts over $500,0005.27 KB
PDF icon 14. Purchases between $250,000 and $499,99931.84 KB
PDF icon Advancement Committee Report627.26 KB
PDF icon Communications Report512.71 KB
PDF icon Enrollment Management Report171.1 KB
PDF icon Marketing Report594.26 KB