Laser Safety

Guidelines & Registration


The Laser Safety Training is available on Pilot. This format allows individuals to complete most of the curriculum using WSU’s intranet. Persons fulfill the course requirement at their own convenience, at their own pace.

The Laser Safety Training course is designed to instruct users of Class 3B and Class 4 laser systems on required topics as established by ANSI Z136.1 – 2014. These topics are:

  • Fundamentals of laser operation
  • Bioeffects of laser radiation on the eye and skin
  • Significance of specular and diffuse reflections
  • Non-beam hazards of lasers
  • Laser and laser system classifications
  • Control measures
  • Facility and personnel responsibilities
  • Medical surveillance practices
  • Required training
  • Consequences of Non-Compliance
  • Emergency Procedures

The course consists of a PowerPoint module available on Pilot. A Quiz following the PowerPoint module demonstrates completion of the course curriculum.

Laser Eye Examination

Medical evaluation (or documentation of refusal) is required for all Class 3b and 4 laser users in the university and is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator. The examination is administered by an optometrist and is scheduled through the Department Of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). An appointment for a laser eye exam can be made by calling EHS at (937) 775-2215.

This evaluation must be completed prior to laser use, and shall be performed following suspected laser injury; periodic examinations are not required.

If you don't wish to have the examination please complete the Statement Declining Pre-Placement Eye Exam Form (PDF) to obtain the waiver form which should be printed out and sent to Environmental Health and Safety at or deliver to our office at 047 Biological Sciences II.

For additional questions or assistance:

Contact our office at (937) 775-2215 or



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