Wright State University recently added a new secure wireless network, called "WSU-Secure", that is accessible from the Dunbar Library and the Student Union. This connection requires a campus username and password to use.


Wireless Network Authentication

What is wireless authentication?
Wireless authentication is simply the method Wright State University uses to make certain only WSU-affiliated individuals are using our wireless network. To accomplish this, we have installed a wireless authentication system that asks each user trying to access the wireless connection to login with their campus username and password. If the user does not have an account, or if their account information is incorrect, they will not be able to access the wireless network.

Why use wireless authentication?
Without wireless authentication, anyone with a wirelessly equipped computer can access the university's wireless network anonymously. This can open up many security vulnerabilities that could cause severe problems with the wireless network. By having individuals authenticate, many of these problems can be avoided.

How do I connect to the secure wireless network?
Any mobile device (smartphones, tablets, etc.) or laptop with a wireless network card built in should automatically see any available wireless networks in range. On that list will be a connection called "WSU Secure". This is the WSU secure wireless network. Simply connect to that network, authenticate using your campus username and password (see below), and you'll be ready to go.

To authenticate to the wireless network, follow the instructions below. Simply pick your operating system or mobile device.

Microsoft Windows
iOS Devices
Android Devices

How long does my authentication last?
Many devices (such as smartphones and tablets) will store your login information. Authentication then becomes automatic when a connection is made to the secure network. Please note: you will need to update the login information on your device when you create a new password.

How do I update the login information on my device?
The easiest and most reliable way to update your login information is to delete the "WSU-Secure" connection, then go through the connection process again.

What about mobile phones and other handheld devices?
All that is required for most mobile phones and handheld devices to access the network is your username and password.

I'm getting a box asking me about a certificate called authctrl.wright.edu. What do I do?
Simply select "Accept" or "Continue".

What information does this system log regarding my device and network usage?
The date and time of your authentication is logged.

Who has access to the logged data?
Only CaTS employees who require this data for use in problem resolution will access the logs.

What is the purpose of the utility at http://access.wright.edu/wireless?
This configuration utility is intended for use for clients running a Windows operating system. This utility sets configuration options within Windows for compatibility with the authenticated wireless network. No software is permanently added to your computer.

How secure is the "WSU-Secure" network?
The WSU-Secure wireless network incorporates the latest wireless security protocols. This provides excellent protection for your wireless data, based on the strength of your campus password. For better security, please choose a strong password. Wireless security does not replace the need for responsible use on the Internet; be aware of potential hazards at all times.



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