Campus Climate Survey, 2014


  • 2377 students (1176 undergraduates, 455 graduates, 746 unidentified)
  • 267 faculty
  • 417 staff
  • 44 administration
  • 65 alumni/community members

Survey Results

Cultural Assessment Survey, 2010

Wright State University conducted a survey in October 2010 to assess our students' and employees' perceptions of Wright State University's cultural environment, specifically focusing on diversity and inclusion. The intent of the survey was not only to better understand the overall perspective of our students and employees, but also to determine if there were any significant differences in perspectives between different demographic groups.

Employees Survey Results

704 employees responded, including:

  • 41 Administrators
  • 266 Faculty
  • 391 Staff
  • 4 who did not identify

Employee Cultural Assessment Executive Summary Report (PDF)

Students Survey Results

1382 students responded, including:

  • 993 Undergraduates
  • 375 Graduate and doctoral students
  • 14 who did not identify

Student Cultural Assessment Executive Summary Report (PDF)

Diversity Data, 2013

Over the past few years, several measures of campus climate have been taken. Results that inform the following discussion come from the 2011 work of the Integrity Development Corporation consultants, Wright State University (WSU) data from a 2009 survey conducted by the LEADER Consortium, a survey conducted by the Wright State University ALLIES faculty/staff group, and listening sessions conducted by the Vice President for Multicultural Affairs & Community Engagement (VP MACE). Preliminary analysis of dissertation data collected by Corinne Wright were also examined in formulating this summary. 

Performance Appraisals

Performance Appraisal Process Review Summary and Recommendations (PDF)