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Quick Facts

Wright State University, located 8 miles northeast of downtown Dayton, Ohio, annually serves more than 11,000 students and offers 315 undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and professional degree programs through five colleges and two schools. The university also operates a branch campus, Wright State University–Lake Campus, on the shores of Grand Lake St. Marys in Celina, Ohio.

Wright State University was named to honor aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright, who invented the world's first successful airplane in their Dayton bicycle shop. In fact, the Wright brothers conducted most of their early test flights at Huffman Prairie, just a short drive from our Dayton campus.

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Campus Locations

Wright State University’s Dayton Campus is located 8 miles and 15 minutes east of downtown Dayton.

Wright State University—Lake Campus is located on the shore of Grand Lake St. Marys, between Celina and St. Marys, Ohio.

Wright State University’s Dayton Campus in Fairborn is located 11.6 miles and 15 minutes east of downtown Dayton. Wright State U

Raider Country is the contiguous 16-county region in Ohio anchored by our two campuses. These include:

Van Wert

Raider Country is the contiguous 16-county region in Ohio anchored by our two campuses.

Official Colors, Mascot, Fight Song, and Alma Mater

Degree Programs

Degree Programs: Undergraduate, Associate: 13; Bachelor’s: 100; Certificates: 25; Licensures: 6, Total: 144; Graduate, Master’s: 67; Doctoral: 9; Professional: 3; Certificate: 49; Licensures: 12; Endorsements: 8; Total: 148


Enrollment Information


Total Enrollment


Enrollment by Group, Fall 2021

Group Number of Students Percent of Student Body
Men 5,154 44.9%
Women 6,315 55.1%
Full-time 8,647 75.4%
Part-time 2,822 24.6%
Undergraduates 8,619 75.2%
Graduate Students 2,237 19.5%
Doctoral/Professional Students 613 5.3%
Out-of-State Domestic Students 309 2.9%
International Students 856 7.5%
Countries Represented 56  
Mean Age of All Students 24  
Students 25 and Over 3,161 27.6%

Minority Student Enrollment, Fall 2021

(Omits international students)

Group Number of Students Percent of Student Body
African American 1,072 9.3%
American Indian or Alaskan Native 16 0.1%
Asian American 404 3.5%
Hispanic American 416 3.6%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 9 0.1%
Two or more races 505 4.4%
Total Minority Student Enrollment 2,422 21.1%



Number of Graduates


Degrees Awarded


Degrees Awarded to Raider Country Residents


3,250 Employees: 797 Full Time Faculty, 354 Adjunct Faculty, 92 Part Time Faculty, 436 Graduate Assistant; 1,254 Full Time Staff, 317 Part Time Staff


University Financial Data

Externally Sponsored Awards, Fiscal Year 2021


Total Grant and Contract Awards Processed Through Research and Sponsored Programs

Foundation Endowment


Market Value (as of 6/30/21)

Donations Received, Fiscal Year 2021





Graduates and Jobs

Wright State University's Career Services surveys soon-to-graduate students and recent graduates to learn about their plans after commencement. Surveys are conducted online and based on national standards. The survey for each class closes one year after the commencement date and aggregated results are posted on the Career Services website.

Institutional Accreditation

Wright State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). As part of maintaining accreditation, Wright State’s programs and processes are periodically reviewed to ensure institutional quality and integrity. Wright State received Reaffirmation of Accreditation in the 2015–16 academic year

To see more facts and information about Wright State University, download the Fact Sheet (.pdf).

Revised: November 2021