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Continuing Students Veterans Enrollment Report

The Veterans Enrollment Report must be completed each term to receive GI Bill® benefits. Remember, only courses that apply to your major can be submitted to the VA for payment. Please see your academic advisor or your degree audit report for assistance. 


We do not require any additional paperwork for add/drops after the submission of your Veterans Enrollment Report. The school certifying official monitors schedule updates and reports changes to the VA.

Some things to remember if you add/drop:

  • Reducing credit hours can impact monthly stipends and cause overpayments. The VA will contact you about potential debts and repayment options.
  • Chapter 33-Post 9/11 students could owe tuition and fees back to the VA. PAY ATTENTION TO DROP REFUND DATES. REFUNDS ARE PROCESSED DURING 100-PERCENT REFUND PERIOD.

Important Items to Remember

  • GI Bill Chapters 1606 (National Guard/Reserve), 30 (Montgomery or “Old” GI Bill), and 35 (Dependents Educational Assistance Program) do not pay tuition and fees. You will receive a monthly stipend.
  • Flex terms and summer terms are reported as separate enrollments and can affect monthly stipends. Please see a staff member if you have questions about your program and terms.
  • Certain financial aid can impact Post 9/11 (Chapter 33) benefits by reducing the amount of tuition and fees the school can report. The following aid is deemed “non-refundable” and is subtracted from your tuition and fee submission to the VA:
    • Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program (tuition only)
    • Ohio War Orphan Scholarship (tuition only)
    • Private scholarships (based on individual scholarship agreement)
    • Tuition assistance
    • Fee remission
    • Graduate assistantships
    • Fellowships
  • Post 9/11 (Chapter 33) will not cover:
    • Student health insurance-waiveable fee
    • Student legal fee-waiveable fee
    • Campus housing
    • Non-resident tuition-please see Enrollment Services (RaiderConnect) to determine eligibility
    • Inclusive courseware fees
    • Non-mandatory fees
    • Admission application fees

TDY/Leave Due to Military Orders Policy

Wright State has a recommendation for faculty to work with you if you are called to duty, training, or TDY during a term. The VMC asks you to notify faculty as soon as possible (even prior to the term) if you know of the potential to miss classes. Faculty do their best to accommodate you when able; but, in some cases, withdrawal is the best option.  

Students Called to Active Duty Withdrawal Policy

Military Active Duty Withdrawal Policy (PDF)

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