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We can do more. Be a champion.

Being a champion is about coming forward in deed as well as in name. It is stepping forward precisely when it is not easy to do so. If you have ever served in the military, you know what it means to be someone's champion. If you have ever supported or lived with someone who is serving, you know what it means to be someone's champion.

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About the Champion Garden

The Veterans and Military Center (VMC) Champion Garden will be an outdoor space dedicated to all who have championed Wright student veterans. We will create a space for the community to demonstrate their commitment and support for special veterans in their lives. It will also be a space for veterans themselves to honor their personal champions, be it their spouse, parent, sibling, or friend. Above all, we hope the VMC Champion Garden will be a space that honors the support that veterans and the military connected share among themselves.

Giving Levels

Gift Amount Benefit Availability
$100,000 Naming (in honor of veteran only) 1
$50,000 Pergola 1
$10,000 Flagpole 3
$10,000 Table 2
$3,000 Bench 8
$1,000 12x12 laser engraved brick multiple
$500 8x8 named paver multiple
$250 4x8 named paver multiple
$50 Dog tags for community/alumni multiple
$25 Dog tags for students multiple

How to Give

You will have the opportunity to honor the champion in your family by purchasing an engraved brick or dog tag with the name and reason for your gift to the VMC. Also, please share the story motivating your donation. You may provide a written or video narrative involving who you are honoring or talking about them. Those stories will be archived in the Wright State digital archives, and ultimately populate a searchable database of champions. Your gift will directly benefit the operations of the VMC and Wright State's student veterans.

Download a printable Champion Garden Gift Form (PDF)


Champions Garden Rendering

Campus Location

The VMC Champion Garden will be located between Millett Hall and Lot 10.

campus map showing the location of the proposed Veteran and Military Center Champions Garden between Millett Hall and Lot 10