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Title IX and Gender Based Violence

Sex/Gender-Based Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct Policy

This policy, and its procedures, apply to Wright State University employees, students (which may include prospective students, including those being recruited for athletics or other competitive university activities or programs), student organizations, and all individuals who while not Wright State employees, perform work on university property. Wright State University property includes Dayton campus, Lake Campus, and any other location where employees or students engage in university business or participate in any university-sanctioned activity.

University Policy 1270 Sex/Gender-Based Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct Policy

Appendix A: Reporting

Appendix B: Resolution Process and Timelines

Appendix C: Support Services & Resources

Appendix D: Terms

Appendix E: Responsible Employees

Appendix F: Romantic and/or Sexual Relationships between Faculty/Staff and Students, and Fellow Employees

Appendix G: Additional Considerations

Appendix H: Prospective Athletes

Appendix I: Complainant and Respondent Rights