Title IX and Gender Based Violence

Syllabus Statement

If you are looking for language to include in your syllabus or handbook regarding our office, we suggest that you utilize the below statement:

Sexual violence and sexual harassment are contrary to our core values and have no place at Wright State University. In accordance with Title IX and other laws, WSU prohibits discrimination, including sex-based discrimination and discrimination towards pregnant/parenting students. If you or someone you know experiences sexual violence and/or harassment (regardless of whether it occurred on or off-campus) that limits the ability to participate in this course (or any other WSU program or activity), there are resources and options available. To learn more or to report an incident, please visit the WSU Title IX website at wright.edu/titleix. Please be aware that I am not a confidential resource, and I may need to report incidents of sexual misconduct to the WSU Title IX Coordinator. You can also contact Kate Page, Title IX Coordinator, directly at titleix@wright.edu.