Title IX and Gender Based Violence

Interim Remedies

Wright State University may take whatever steps are deemed necessary to appropriately respond to allegations of sexual misconduct, protect students’ rights, and keep members of the campus community safe from further harm. Measures include, not are not limited to:

  • Issuing interim suspensions pending a hearing
  • Reporting incidents to local police and/or prosecutors
  • Referring to counseling and health services
  • Referring to employee assistance program
  • Providing education to the community
  • Alteration of housing situation of the reporting or responding party – If it is determined that an on-campus housing assignment is affecting your academic success, the university will assist you in adjusting that situation, to the extent possible. If an off-campus living situation is no longer conducive to your academic success as a result of your experience, the University will assist you in finding on-campus housing if available.
  • Class schedule adjustments — If it is determined that the most effective way to help you ensure your academic success is to adjust one or more classes you are enrolled in, the University will assist you in minimizing the impact to your academic plans and goals
  • Altering work arrangements for employees—If you are no longer comfortable in your employment assignment due to your experience, the University will assist you in exploring other potential options within the University
  • Providing campus escorts— If you are concerned for your personal safety as a result of your experience, the university may discuss options for ensuring your safety as you travel to and from specific locations on and off campus
  • Providing transportation assistance
  • Standing No Contact Orders and Geographical restrictions—The university may impose a permanent “No Contact” order or an order restricting students who are found to have violated university policy from specific buildings or areas of campus
  • Offering to adjust academic deadlines, course schedules, etc