Pre-College Programs

Discovery (Grades 2-6)/Odyssey (Grades 7-9)


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Summer enrichment courses at Wright State University are designed to encourage your child’s creativity and enthusiasm for learning. Pre-College Programs is pleased to offer summer enrichment for students entering grades 2-9. Students who desire a challenge, are interested in learning and personal growth, and have the motivation to succeed are encouraged to take advantage of these hands-on, exploratory courses. Teachers and professionals from the Miami Valley provide exciting, educational, and challenging learning environments that encourage creativity and critical thinking. All courses are held on the Dayton campus of Wright State University.

COVID-19 Protocols

Welcome to Wright State University’s Summer Enrichment Program. This year’s program will follow COVID-19-approved protocols. To do so, we require assistance from parents. 

Health Assessment

Parents/guardians will receive and be required to agree and acknowledge that they will follow daily health monitoring practices for their child(ren) 

Instructional Supplies

Students will bring their own high-touch classroom materials from home. Those include scissors, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, glue, and glue sticks. Materials provided by Pre-College will be handed out each day, and nothing is to be shared.

Face Coverings

As of April 1, 2022, The university's on-campus mask policy will now follow the CDC community risk level for Greene and Mercer Counties. The risk level is currently considered low, or green, in both counties. Therefore, following CDC guidelines, masks are no longer required on campus; if the risk level returns to yellow, masks will once again be required in classrooms and lab settings, and if red, inside all campus buildings.

Social Distancing

Students, staff, and instructors will maintain social distancing whenever possible.

Discovery Morning Recreation Break

Students will be instructed to be seated while eating. All recreation equipment will be sanitized before and after use.

Lunch Break

Students will bring their own lunches. Students must be seated while eating. Recreation equipment will be sanitized before and after use.


Please send a large filled water bottle (one that your child can carry) with your child each day. Please include additional drinks for their lunch and snack. We will be outdoors as much as possible this summer.

Participant Illness

In the event that a participant becomes ill while on campus, the parent/guardian will be contacted. Students will be isolated in 116 Allyn Hall. Parents will be expected to pick up their children immediately.

2023 Summer Course Information

Download a printable version of the 2023 Summer Course Information (PDF).

Weekly Fee 

The fee for each session is $150. Payment must be made in full at the time of registration. 

Confirmation of Registration

Upon acceptance, you will receive an email confirmation of your student’s registration.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancellation/Refund Policy: A $75 fee is non-refundable after acceptance into a selected course. All requests for refunds due to cancellation must be submitted in writing. Course changes or cancellations will not be accepted past the registration deadline. In the event that a course is canceled due to insufficient enrollment, a full refund will be issued. Refunds will not be issued for students dismissed for disciplinary reasons.


Students should bring a mid-morning snack and sack lunch with a drink each day. There is to be no sharing or trading of items.


Students should bring their swimsuit and towel on Tuesdays and Thursdays for swimming.


Students will bring their own high-touch classroom materials from home. Those include scissors, pencils, crayons, markers, glue, and glue sticks. Materials provided by Pre College will be handed out each day, and nothing is to be shared.

Discipline Policy

It is expected that students will take responsibility for their own behavior and act appropriately to foster a positive environment for all participants. If a student should act inappropriately during the program, a warning will be given to the student and to the parents on the day of the infraction. If inappropriate behavior recurs, the child will be removed from the class and may be removed from the program. Severe or malicious infringement of the Discovery rules or policies will result in immediate dismissal from the program.


No classes will be held on Monday, June 19, 2023, and Tuesday, July 4, 2023. All fees will remain the same for that week.

2023 Courses

Week 1: June 12—16, 2023

The registration deadline for Session 1 is June 7, 2023. Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after this time.

Discovery (Grades 2-6)

Grades 2-3

ASC 102: Marshmallow Mania
Do you love fluffy marshmallows? Spend the week conducting experiments using them. Estimate how many can fit in a shoe box. Predict how far you can launch one across the quad. Experiment with the density of a marshmallow to make it sink. Create a marshmallow art project and dessert.

ASC 103: Tree House Magic
Experience the world of Jack and his little sister Annie, as we combine literature and art to create projects based on the popular Magic Tree House series. Join us as we enjoy their adventures as they travel through space and time.

Grades 4-5-6

ASC 104: Art Adventures
Discover the world of art as you explore a different art technique each day. Learn how to papier mâché, paint, draw, sculpt, and more. Use your creativity and explore the many mediums of art.

ASC 105: Wacky Science
Enter the wacky world of science that allows you to explore a different area of science every day. Learn about plants, animals, rocks, ocean creatures, and the human body. Do experiments and conjure up the budding “-ologist” in you.

Camp Odyssey (Grades 7-9)

ASC 106: JR United Nations: Are you interested in global issues and want to make the world better? Create your own government and negotiate with other countries and experience diplomacy at its best. Design your country’s parliament and develop laws to make your country succeed.


Week 2: June 20—23, 2023 (No Class on Monday, June 19)

The registration deadline for Session 2 is June 19, 2023. Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after this time.

Discovery (Grades 2-6)

Grades 2-3

BSC 102: Jr. Detectives
Put your crime scene skills to the test when you learn about fingerprints, handwriting analysis, and more. Learn how to interview suspects and how detectives use logic and reasoning to solve mysteries.

BSC 103: Rainbows and Unicorns
Grab your diffraction glasses and prisms for a week full of color, light, rainbows, and bubbles. Explore optical illusions and how the eye sees various colors. Make art projects exploring the mixing and blending of colors. Study the mythology behind unicorns while exploring other one horned animals.

Grades 4-5-6

BSC 104: Survivor Skills
Learn about surviving in the wilderness. Subjects covered will include: setting up a camp, making knots, map reading, signaling, and rescues. Learn to identify food and water sources.

BSC 105: Science Mythbusters
What kitchen supplies will clean a penny? Can you squeeze an egg without it cracking? Discover the truth or untruth behind many science myths. Design investigations, choose experiments, test your theories and do data analysis. Explore the scientific method as you research and test your hypothesis.

Camp Odyssey (Grades 7-9)

BSC 106: Personal Finance
Discover and apply essential personal finance concepts. Set up your household and gain the necessary knowledge to manage your money. 


Week 3: June 26—30, 2023

The registration deadline for Session 3 is June 21, 2023.  Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after this time.

Discovery (Grades 2-6)

Grades 2-3

CSC 102: Perfect Pets
Have you been wanting a new furry friend or maybe you already have one? Learn about the different variety of pets available. Research the skills and training needed to properly care for a wide variety of pets. This class is not appropriate for children with allergies to animals as special appearances will be made.

CSC 103: Da Vinci Science
Explore gizmos, gadgets, and ingenious inventions! Discover Leonardo and his amazing contraptions. Learn to write in “mirror writing.” Experiment with simple machines and build some of your own inventions.

Grades 4-5-6

CSC 104: Origami
Learn and use basic folds to make almost anything out of paper. Students will make a variety of plant and animal models with increasing complexity. Level up your creativity with the simple art of folding.

CSC 105: Physics Fun
Explore magnetism, optical illusions, balloon science, and more as you discover the principles of physics. Participate in many hands-on experiments. Create your own experiments based on physics principles.

Camp Odyssey (Grades 7-9)

CSC 106: Medieval Times
Learn about European history and how life was between 500-1500 A.D. Discuss and learn about the Middle Ages and the social classes during the time period. 


Week 4: July 3—July 7, 2023 (No Class on Tuesday, July 4)

The registration deadline for Session 4 is June 28, 2023.  Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after this time.

Discovery (Grades 2-6)

Grades 2-3

DSC 102: Rainbow Art and Science
Embark on an exciting Science-Art fusion. Learn how colors can be combined to make other colors. Students will learn about rainbows and color refraction while creating colorful art pieces.

DSC 103: DC vs. Marvel
Who would win a fight between Superman and the Hulk?  Explore the DC and Marvel Universes. Compare and contrast superheroes and their powers. Create your own superhero and develop your own illustrations.  

Grades 4-5-6

DSC 104: Hogwarts
Experience the world of Harry Potter as we combine literature and art to create projects and art based on the popular book series. Learn about the mythical spells, people, places, and much more. Discuss your favorite books and characters. Investigate Fantastic Beasts from the movie!

DSC 105: Codes and Ciphers
Do you want to stop your younger sibling from reading your note? Do you want to feel like a real “secret” agent by passing a coded message to your friends? This class will show you many codes and ciphers, from simple letter switching to historic code tools. Students will also learn tips and tricks of breaking many types of codes.

Camp Odyssey (Grades 7-9)

DSC 106: Mysteries in History
Have you been wondering who shot JFK or what is housed at Area 51? Unsolved mysteries intrigue us. Examine evidence of various historical events to determine what happened. See if you can unlock the answers to an unsolved mystery.


Week 5: July 10—14, 2023

The registration deadline for Session 5 is July 5, 2023. Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after this time.

Discovery (Grades 2-6)

Grades 2-3

ESC 102: Night at the Museum
Help historical figures come to life! Learn about famous people from different decades. Stand in as a wax statue of your favorite historical figure in Discovery’s very own Museum of History. Create your own costume and show off your wisdom of the past when you come to life for museum visitors!

ESC 103: Art All Around
Join us and experience multiple art forms. Imagine yourself in Asia, Africa, Central America, or the Middle East! Make crafts from these areas as you create rain sticks, masks, and more. Explore these and other art forms as it is made all around us.

Grades 4-5-6

ESC 104: Skills 4 Life
Learn how to cook a nutritious meal, write a proper thank you note, and balance a check book. Explore decision making choices and critical thinking skills. Get a heads up on important life lessons.

ESC 105: Dissecting Disney
Explore Disney in a whole new way. What was it like living in Belle’s, Ariel’s, and Mulan’s time period? Be creative and bring your own character “to life”. Campers will paint, color, and use their imagination in this course while learning history.


Week 6: July 17—21, 2023

The registration deadline for Session 6 is July 12, 2023.  Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after this time.

Discovery (Grades 2-6)

Grades 2-3

FSC 102: Mummy Mysteries
Get “wrapped up” in ancient Egypt. Learn how ancient civilizations made their mummies; explore how the pyramids were built as you create your own miniature model to take home. Write your name in hieroglyphics. Join us as we discover Egyptian mysteries.

FSC 103: Building Blocks of Creativity
Students will utilize Lego style building blocks to work through engineering challenges. How can you create a floodgate that operates? What tower design produces the most structural support? How can you problem solve with limited resources? Students will research, develop plans, build structures, and problem solve when challenging scenarios are given to them.

Grades 4-5-6

FSC 104: Fractured Fairy Tales
Write your own fantastic fairy tales and develop a different ending to a familiar tale. Make crafts about the fairy tales you create and read about. Prepare to use your imagination. Students will create adventures to remember.

FSC 105: Discovery’s Got Talent
Ever wonder what it is like to be a superstar? Discover songwriting, singing, choreography, dancing, and comedy! Don’t be shy, come on by and discover your hidden talents.