[OFFICIAL-L] Midterm Grading for Undergraduate Courses

Dear Wright State Community,

This fall semester, we piloted midterm grades at Wright State, and we are pleased that they were reported in 35% of eligible courses this fall. We would like to thank faculty for participating in this important intervention.

In an effort to assess this initiative and its impact, we surveyed faculty and students to capture their feedback and ideas for improvement. In the spirit of shared governance, listening sessions were also held with faculty and student stakeholders. Additionally, in response to the pilot, the Student Government Association passed a unanimous resolution asking that faculty provide midterm grades. This best practice is critical to the support and success of Wright State students. Knowing where they stand in every course is essential to our students’ success. Timely feedback from faculty at the midpoint of the term helps them access campus services and support as may be needed.

As we work together to embrace a student-first culture and maximize our student success and retention efforts, midterm grade reporting will be regularly provided in undergraduate courses beginning in the spring 2023 semester.

Some undergraduate courses will be excluded from this requirement, such as internships, zero-credit courses, research courses, and independent studies. While not required for graduate courses, faculty may also choose—and are encouraged—to provide midterm grades for those as well. All associated due dates for midterm grading will be provided on the University Academic Calendar.

In response to faculty and student feedback, we are working to improve the process for assessing student progress and reporting midterm grades in several ways:

  1. The timing of midterm grading will be extended for two weeks, with the grade reporting window for spring semester opening on Monday, February 13, at 8:00 a.m. and closing on Sunday, February 26, at 11:59 p.m.
  2. Progress reporting will continue during weeks four to five but not later in the semester, although faculty can issue an alert at any time for a student if there is a concern.
  3. The Center for Faculty Excellence and the CaTS Instructional Technology Services team will offer workshops to faculty on managing midterm grading in Pilot, during the unscheduled time blocks on Wednesday, December 7, and Thursday, December 8, of Final Exam Week. CaTS-IT will also hold drop-in labs for faculty in early January 2023. The Center for Faculty Excellence has also scheduled a peer-led panel on developing early low-stakes assessment activities and assignments for the unscheduled time block on Monday, December 5, of Final Exam Week. Additional open lab times to assist faculty in managing midterm grading in Pilot will also be offered in early January and again just before the midterm reporting window opens for spring semester 2023. Please watch for announcements of these professional development activities.
  4. Students are encouraged to stay in close contact with their instructors and advisors regarding their progress throughout the semester.

We are excited to roll out this high-impact practice in support of our students and their success.

Amy Thompson, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Susan Schaurer
Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success